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Well offically the 2012/13 season starts today with the fixtures been realised.

Who has your side got first game of the season and who do you finish with?

Also who do you want to see at your club come the end of summer, (now be realistic please not everyone can have Messi!)?

Boro have:
Barnsley A first
Sheffield Wednesday A last

Ideally Ricardio Fuller would be a super signing for the Boro, he'd rip the championship apart.
Pompey start off with a South Coast derby against Bournemouth. Still not sure if they will start -10 points though :(
Scummers away at Man city ROFL
Leicester face a tough start at home to Blackpool first up, with a couple of difficult games later in the month against Hull and Boro.

Sol Bamba's left to go to some Turkish team (unpronounceable) and not to much in the way of new players this summer so far. Hopefully a late burst in the transfer window :) I still fancy us for promotion though

Up the Foxes!

[Edit] Looks like we are currently pre-season favourites. Means our seasons screwed then. Cheers Paddy Power! :givemestrength:
Well looks like Rangers are getting relegated from the SPL - 6 Clubs will vote against letting them back in. Good on them clubs as it's about time we saw a bit of a rebel from smaller SPL teams and not just letting the big boys get away with things. Yes I know it'll mean Celtic are likely to run away with the league but no-one will really be fussed by that, the interesting thing will come when who will join Celtic for a chance to reach the CL.
That's actually good news for the SPL. The money that the second placed team will now get (if they make it through to the Champions League group stage) should help to build stronger teams in the league and hopefully break the old firm deadlock. Teams like Hearts now have a chance to make hay while the sun shines.
Shinji Kagawa welcome to United, and Nick Powell, first game, the team that lost us the league, Everton! How I hope we beat them by at least 5... Scholes stays so another positive
Interesting isn't it. Its worthy of note that Motherwell could well be the last Scottish runners-up to gain admission to UEFA's pre-drinks party.
Well I think that's Scottish football going down, down, down - and I don't want the Old Firm in England!

For MK Dons this season I expect nothing less than automatic promotion. Even though I said that last season.
Of course the question is whether Dunfermline and Dundee will be Club 12, if Rangers Newco are not elected.

Half the Rangers players are trying to bail, by the way!
If Rangers don't get elected into the SPL will they go bust like Gretna did a few years ago and have to start again in the lowest tier of scottish football.
It's their fault. Why should all the other SPL clubs have to pay for some financial incompetence from Rangers?
That's it in a nutshell there mjo when Gretna went belly up nobody gave a damn, but because it is Rangers everyone has to bend over backwards and try and bail them out.
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