Team XIII - Villeneuve Racing?

MajorDanby said:
I think the record for past WDC on the grid at the same time is 6? Remember researching this at some point in the distant past, but can't for the life of me remember what year.. Anyway, If Webber/Vettel do it, and Mr. V is there as well, 7 would definitely be a record.

Your assuming the Iceman will be returning from the world of rallying next season then? He really needs to make his mind up soon. Spending long periods out of the game really does affect your driving, as Schuntmacher has proved so far this season.

As for Villeneuve's return, he will probably drive one or two seasons for publicity and have a pay driver in the number 2 slot. If the team does get established he will be able to get more competitive drivers on board.
fair play to the guy, if he is really going to set up his own team just to get a drive in formula 1.

Not his greatest fan, he has a habit of talking nonsense at times but at the same time does have the ability to cut through the bull sometimes and tell it has it is without being a puppet to the corporate sometimes boring face of F1.

Weather behind the wheel or on the pitwall, don't think having another personality in the paddock will do F1 any harm, it could do with more people who speak there mind,

On the driving side, remember he had a bit of a resurgence at BMW sauber before being dropped i feel a little bit unfairly. Although don't know weather he could do it again at his age. What his he now 39?

On the team ownershpi side, a partner ship between Durango and villeneuve? Well Durango are hardly the strongest team in the lower classes, and What does Villeneuve know about running a Team, don't think despite his infulences at BAR he would of had much say in the finaical side of the team.

If it works then great and i suppose it could do, but I think the FIA would probly go for something a little safer especially after USF1 not making the grid, and HRT almost going under too as Campos, and questions about Finances now.
I think the attraction for a new team would be to get Villeneuve on board in order to use him not only as an experienced head in the development of the car but also because his name alone would bring in perhaps more sponsors than a cheapo rookie or more conventional pay driver. If his price is be a part of the team structure then so be it.
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