Team XIII - Villeneuve Racing?


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The BBC are reporting that the Thirteenth team in Formula One next year could be set up by one hit wonder former World Champion Jacques Villeneuve.

Now I'm not saying he should be barred (coat?) from owning a Formula One team, but I'm not at all sure where he's coming from with this idea.

A German magazine has suggested that Villeneuve might work with F****o B******e, but apparently Villeneuve doesn't want his drivers deliberately crashing all over the place. It seems there may be an element of BAR in the set-up.

Although I don't know where JV is coming from, it is worth seeing him try, and good luck to him!
It appears that. having failed to get any existing team to hire him, JV is now planning on creating a team that he can drive for! :givemestrength:
I seriously doubt he will manage to get the backing together to pull this off. If however I'm forced to eat my words I'm pretty certain that a team Villeneuve will have all the same hallmarks as other notable driver founded teams such as Surtees, Amon and Fittipaldi.

Could team Villeneuve turn out one day to be the next Brabham or Mclaren rofl

I don't think so.
This thread means I now have to go back through my copies of Grand Prix International magazines from 1982 as I'm sure there is an article in one of them suggesting Gilles was planning to set up an F1 team. If I find it I'll try and post it.

Perhaps just another one of those rumours that circulates after the premature death of a top driver...
if its managed anything like BAR was, i cant see it lasting more than a year.

If hes learnt not to believe his own hype, and surrounds himself with hard workers instead of people who claim "we will win the championship in our first season", then all the best.
Well Greg Pollock has been given the boot (never trust a man named after a fish :snigger: ) and he was "cheerleader in chief" for Villeneuve so one would hope he will have a more mature team around him. I think the main problem for Jacques is whether he is past it or not. He seems to be doing quite well in the NASCAR B league but F1 is far more competitive than this, just ask Michael Schumacher.

At least there would be another world champion on the grid, surely that's a record?? If Raikkonen returns aswell..

How many world champions have we had on the grid at once previously? Any one know?
In 1970 there was Brabham, Hill, Hulme, Stewart and Surtees, none of which won the championship that year. Excluding Stewart and including Clark there were the same list in 1968.

I get a feeling that may just be the record.

Potentially for 2011, we could have:

  • Villeneuve
  • Schumacher
  • Alonso
  • Raikkonen
  • Hamilton
  • Button
  • [Vettel/Webber]

(Come back Mika!)
The latest reports I've seen are now linking Villeneuve's name to the Durango application so I'm not sure whether "Team Villeneuve" will happen.
Im suprised he hasnt been put off because of what happened at BAR in 1999, (race wins were predicted, ended up propping up the field) and more recently the likes of USF1 and HRT. But if it gives him a drive, its better than nothing
McLarenSupremo said:
Im suprised he hasnt been put off because of what happened at BAR in 1999, (race wins were predicted, ended up propping up the field)

To be fair, in 1999 BAR weren't propping up the field, but they were propping up the barriers!
I think the record for past WDC on the grid at the same time is 6? Remember researching this at some point in the distant past, but can't for the life of me remember what year.. Anyway, If Webber/Vettel do it, and Mr. V is there as well, 7 would definitely be a record.
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