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Just a little thing I played with for ten minutes that I'd thought I'd share. What I've done is counted the number of times each driver has beaten their team-mate at a race. If neither driver in the team is classified then no points are awarded to either of them.

Here's the result:


Unsurprisingly it's another table that Vettel leads and, as we all know, the first time Webber managed to beat him was at Germany last weekend. Hamilton and Alonso tie for 2nd place beating their team mates 7 out of a possible 10 times, again as expected as these two in my opinion are still a cut above the rest. Stand-ins Chandhok and de la Rosa share the bottom of the table.

Now that's got the expected out the way there are a few results that are a bit surprising, perhaps. For example:
  • Maldonado and di Resta - Despite strong qualifying performances thesse two have been beaten by their more experienced team-mates more often than not on race day. As such, Barrichello and Sutil appear in equal 4th when on the surface at least both have seemed to have had quiet, lacklustre seasons so far.
  • Trulli is above Kovalainen. This is partly because Heikki has retired four times, but they are 2-2 on days where both finished. Maybe Trulli does have some life in him...
  • d'Ambrosio and Glock are equal on 5 points each. Good effort from the Belgian rookie.
Finally, just for fun I added these totals to the current drivers championship to see what effect it has:


It doesn't really change much, it is just one point per race after all, but Webber loses 2nd to Hamilton, Vettel's lead is extended further and at the bottom it gives the new teams something to fight for, both amongst themselves and even in the constructors as reliability is rewarded. In this system Virgin would have 10pts, Lotus 9pts and HRT 7pts in the constructors championship. Virgin should be applauded here perhaps, because despite their pace not being great this means at least one of their cars has finished every race this season.
Ahh I had a feeling I'd seen something somewhere so I had a look a few pages back in the Stats section but didn't think to look there.
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