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I thought today's race was quite good. I hardly noticed the time go by, before the chequered flag came out! Not like Valencia at all...

Jenson was a lucky so&so. He posts a DNF and his main rivals don't take advantage! Although, if he wants to win the WDC, he really needs to start wining points again, and soon!

Unlucky Fisi, you "only" finished second! LOL An excellent points tally for Force India though. Ferrari, who needs 'em, eh Fisi?!

(I'm loving the GP Forum on the red button. Nice idea - must have been borrowed from here! Provides more info about the race and F1 in general. ITV's coverage doesn't even come close to the BBC's coverage this year. Even Legard doesn't bring the beeb down to their level... )


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Yeah, good race for Force India and Fisi. At 150-1, I guess someone made some serious money.. lol

Also a great race for Jense after all. To only lose 2 points to your nearest championship rival after a dnf must be the better than he could have hoped for. Then again, if the Renault hadn't taken him out, he may well have scored more points than any of his rivals as he was full of fuel and ahead of Ruebens at that point.

I could start a conspiracy theory here about how Renault so want their engines to win (in the form of Red Bull), that they are getting their drivers to take out any competition..
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