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After an almost endless 4 week break, sandwiched by Hungary and Valencia, the Formula One circus returns to a "proper" circuit.

With McLarens rapid resurgence and Ferrari's steady progress, we could be in for a great race with 3 or 4 teams all in the mix.

Here are the current driver and constructor points. ... 09_wdc.png ... 09_wcc.png

A bit of inclement weather, which is always a possibility at Spa, will really spice things up.

All the circuit details including the latest simulation video are here: Belgium - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Let's go racing! :thumbsup:
Brogan said:
After an almost endless 4 week break, sandwiched by Hungary and Valencia, the Formula One circus returns to a "proper" circuit.

I'm going to get a rash of criticism for this but I'm prepared to put up with the Hungaroring; its not that bad. As for Valencia, no!

So, no driver changes for Spa, apparently Mr. Badoer did have that padlock to which he only had the combination and he's going to be gunning for points in the forest =]. I'm not holding my breath!

As I have said, I'm in Brussels next weekend so we can guarantee that the whole weekend will be wet across the whole country, although they are at opposite ends!

How ironic is it that when F1 wants a circuit that is hilly it finds one in... Belgium!

However, it seems that it'll be colder than the scorcher of Valencia so we'll see if the Brawn has really solved the whole tyre-warming thing. We'll also see if Red Bull are the real deal in cold conditions and of course see where the [5] Joker cards fit in - Hamilton, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Rosberg and Alonso.

After a disastrous race for RBR in Valencia, it'll also be interesting if Webber can pull out a lead over Vettel, surely he has to be ?1 if he can get to 10+ points clear of the German lad.

Don't forget that this is Raikkonen territory, and he's on form! Kimi to win?
I have to agree with you TBY, the dark (prancing) horse in next weeks story is Kimi.

I don't think Brawn have shown that they are over their cold weather tyres issues just yet. Rubens has always run well in Belgium and could it be possible that he may have the edge over Button again?

It could be the Kimi/Hammy show again if the RBRs can't get themselves back in the mix.

I can't wait.
It looks like Spa is going to be completely opposite to Valencia in all respects.

The latest weather forecast has some rain on Friday and maximum temperatures of 15° & 18° C on Saturday & Sunday.

I expect Brawn will struggle if they still have the same tyre/heat problems so we could see Red Bull up at the front again with a smattering of McLaren and Ferrari.

Either way it's going to be a good race.
Agree with you on that one Bro, and unless Seb V's engine goes pop he could/should be in the mix ;)

McLaren have been playing down their chances but still could put in a good showing.

I see from the graph (nice work there) that Nico is scoring a few points every race, lets see what he can do in a silver car next year ;)
Speshal said:
I see from the graph (nice work there) that Nico is scoring a few points every race

You can see why Martin Brundle said he was close to being his driver of the year.
He's been a consistent scorer since Spain and with a bit of luck will be rewarded next year with a better drive...
I'm at work and can't get video as the network here is diabolical..

Looks like we have rain in Spa though. Hope Brawn can get enough set-up information. Also hear Vettel isn't bothering too much with going out to get his set up sorted, guess they're relying on Webber.. Go on Webber, give them the wrong information.. ;) LOL
So Trulli sets the pace in first practice in what was a rain effected session.

It seems like Vettel kept his car in the garage for fear of blowing another engine up.

Badoer wasn't last which was a shock in itself so maybe he may get rid of that "no points" tag after all.

If the weather remains unpredictable for the rest of the weekend it's any ones guess as to who will take the flag on Sunday.
Should Luca be renamed Worser? LOL

Looking at the latest forecast, it's sunny intervals Saturday & Sunday with maximum temperatures of 17° C.
We should see whether Brawn have solved their tyre heat problems.
Brawn 17 & 18, can we read anything in to this? Badoer over 2 seconds off the pace, should he be allowed to race unless he is being used as a mobile chicane to spice up the racing? And the newbies at Renault & Toro Rosso going well...

Friday 2nd Practice result.

1 L Hamilton McLaren
2 T Glock Toyota
3 K Raikkonen Ferrari
4 M Webber Red Bull
5 R Grosjean Renault
6 G Fisichella Force India
7 J Trulli Toyota
8 R Kubica BMW Sauber
9 J Alguersuari Toro Rosso
10 S Vettel Red Bull
11 S Buemi Toro Rosso
12 H Kovalainen McLaren
13 A Sutil Force India
14 F Alonso Renault
15 K Nakajima Williams
16 N Heidfeld BMW Sauber
17 J Button Brawn
18 R Barrichello Brawn
19 N Rosberg Williams
20 L Badoer Ferrari
Perhaps the Brawns are trying to make the most of the likely first corner pile-up.. :whistle:

I am hoping they were just doing a development program though..
Very strange to see Williams so far off the pace. I don't recall both cars being that far back in any previous practice session so I wonder what's going on there?
It's shaping up to be a great race tomorrow with 3 of the 4 contenders for the WDC in 8th or lower and the WDC leader back in 14th.

Kimi has to be well placed for the win being only 3 tenths off the pace and having KERS.

I think someone needs to have a word with Fisi and Force India too.
What do they think they're doing on pole? :D
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