Small countries quiz


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My next quiz refers to countries which are not much known inside F1. Therefore term "small", although some of them have quite a big area or population.

1. Excluding Juan Pablo Montoya, what is the best result for Colombian driver?
8th, Roberto Guerrero in 1982 German Grand Prix

2. Danish Nicolas Kiesa won one F3000 race. From what incident that race is remembered?
Björn Wirdheim slowed too early on the final lap, and Kiesa went past him!

3. Zsolt Baumgartner finished 8th in 2004 United States Grand Prix. How many laps behind the winner, Michael Schumacher, he was?
3 laps

4. Who is the only driver from Liechtenstein?
Rikky von Opel

5. What was the highest position Alex Yoong ever held during the race?
5th during 2002 Australian Grand Prix

6. From what position Robert Kubica started 2008 Canadian Grand Prix, when he took his maiden (and so far only) victor?

7. Pedro Lamy started his F1 career replacing whom?
Alessandro Zanardi

8. John Love almost scored one of the most unlikely F1 victories ever. When?
1967 South African Grand Prix

9. Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh was his real name, but what race he used while driving?
B. Bira

10. In mid 2000s, some teams were allowed to have three cars in Friday free practices. Who drove third car of Spyker MF1 Racing in Brazil 2006?
Ernesto "E.J." Viso
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