Poll Sky or BBC?

How will you be watching the 2012 season?

  • Sky

    Votes: 13 36.1%
  • BBC

    Votes: 10 27.8%
  • Both

    Votes: 10 27.8%
  • Neither

    Votes: 1 2.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 11.1%

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Enough beating about the bush, with the Australian Grand Prix less than two weeks now and we know (pretty much) now what both television broadcasters will be offering for this seasons F1 Championship, so the question is, what channel will you be watching the F1 on this season?
I'll watch every race the BBC broadcasts (provided the commentary is bearable) and will watch the rest on the ad-littered RTL here. Or an internet stream if I can find one.
Should be checkboxes. I want to click both.

...or add a third option both and maybe fourth other for our international friends.
Neither, I don't have Sky and very rarely watch the highlights as I usually know what the result is by then and if the race wasn't a classic I won't bother watching. If I'm out and about in the car I expect I'll listen to a bit of Radio 5 but other than that, I will become an irregular watcher at best. Thanks to the joys of modern social media sites such as Youtube, (before the Bernie Thought Police crack down on it) you don't tend to miss the really big events any way.

The whole TV saga has left a bitter taste in the mouth
Both, I'll watch Sky races on Sky and BBC on BBC, depending on the commentary! I would prefer to hear Martin as lead and I haven't heard much of ben so it's anyones for the taking!
Probably Sky unless the coverage is really shocking although with Ben watisface on the Beeb I might give it a go when they have races live. What I won't be doing is putting 5Live as that useless gimp* James Allen makes me want to SCREAM!

*I should mention that I have no idea if James Allen spends anytime as a gimp in his private life and neither do I want to know. It is used here solely as an attempt to insult him and in no way suggests any S&M sexual preferences on the part of Mr Allen.
BBC because I don't have sky. I will not watch highlights, so I will probably watch (over the Internet) the ramaining races.
I'm going to give them each a chance, I think. I don't have an hd tv because my last one broke a year before the hds got reasonably priced and the set I got is too big to move. That would tip the balance, but for me it will be down the the commentators. I respect Brundle but he annoys me no end. I don't know what to expect now he is gone from the BBC box - might be good to have some competition!
I think when avaliable I may well watch the F1 build up on BBC, then switch to Sky for Crofty and Brundle. I can only do this for the first few BBC races as I won't have Sky after end of may. I will find a way to watch races though...
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