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Please note that from this point on, the site is going to be largely unmoderated and it will be up to the members to flag potential issues.

If you believe a post breaks the rules, report it.
Don’t post on the thread as it generally just ends up derailing it.

Anything which isn’t reported is not guaranteed to be dealt with.
Then again, anything which is reported is also not guaranteed to be dealt with.

It may just be time to put the site out of its misery once and for all.
I hope that this is not the beginning of the end. I have fallen in love with this sight. I log on at least once a day to see what's going on.

Come one guys and gals, let's play by the rules and enjoy this opportunity to share opinions. Let's just do it with decorum and civility.
What on earth have I missed? Having visitors for the weekend I haven't been online, is there a war I'm missing?
I sit at my computer, toiling away the hours until the end of the day bell rings. A glare from my computer screen distracts me from my current work. What could that be? I wonder, I turn and see high up in the sky a blazing CTA logo. I stand, proud to answer the call, don my moderator costume (complete with enormous cod-piece) and race out of the door.

Fear not brave forum, for your requests for help have been answered. I may not be the moderator you want, but I am the moderator you need right now. I am MODERATE MAN, a mild mannered teacher with a passion for discourse and civility.
i always try in any walk of life to help out in anyway i can, but im just a newcomer/rookie & i wouldnt feel right to put my hat in the ring when there other more experienced people, would be like verstappen leading the main red bull team with just 10gps into his career
Ah yes, but even onboard the Titanic were five englishmen, one scotsman, one frenchman and one belgian man who kept on playing their tune right until the very end! :)

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