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Should Lewis be given a knighthood?

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I suspect Mr Button may beat him due to charity works, normally sports men get the knighthood after retiring, however things have changed since Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy so possibly earlier.
for me he deserves it. he has been brilliant for now over a decade, hes never driven better especially in qualifying taking the pole record this season. if I was going to predict these things I think he will end his career having equal fangios record & Schumacher wins record very close. so to be the equal 2nd most successful driver ever in f1. deserves it

but I do really hate having knighthood during a career, I think they should wait til its over. as almost like a retirement achievement. because Wiggins Hoy & Murray would all still have it because of their achievements
He'll probably be given it but not be able to fit going to London to get it in to his busy holiday schedule.

I think he's American now days anyway. That's where he calls home. Maybe he'll get a call to the White House?
Completely off topic but did anyone else notice how according to Hamilton, the Mexican fans were this weeks 'best fans in F1' LOL

Any how, but to the subject in hand, I think the expectation of K's or D's these days is too high. Years ago, most people would have to wait until they were nearly at deaths door and have several other strings to their bow (mostly charitable or political chummyness) before the invite dropped on the carpet.

The going rate for an F1 world champion (unless you are an RBS / Rolex brand ambassador) is an MBE or OBE and that should suffice until you are old and grey and then they can review the matter.
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An awful lot of olympians get knighthoods for winning just a heat, semi and then a final. F1 drivers have 20 races to try and win.

Sir Bradly Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Mo Farah etc.
Did Brad win the heats of the tdf?

I think that you are somewhat belittling the achievements of those sportsmen. And an awful lot? You have named 3 who do not fit in to your definition.
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