Silly Sweepstake - Spain


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Since - whoever it was - didn't post for China, I've unilaterally launched the Spanish Sweepstake. The question is:

What will be the average car number of the top 10?

Guide: BAHRAIN - 6
CHINA - 5.9

We'll take entries to one decimal point.

And my guess: 6.1
teabagyokel said:
Kamui 23 could throw a spanner into the works for some of us here...

Going by his luck/'exuberence' so far in his F1 career, he's more likely to throw a spanner onto the track.
A high 8.1 is the top 10 result with winner...


You must post a Monaco SS by Friday morning to prevent me jumping in again!
Wow! No doubt thanks to Hamilton's late race failure.

I have a couple of ideas in mind, I'll come up with something over the next day or two.
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