QUIZ - Big Winter Break Quiz 2 - 2017 Edition


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Oh go on then, here's another 30 question quiz monster to pass the time.

Q1. What was the last year we raced in Turkey?

Q2. In 2012 in-season testing returned. But what was the venue used at the 1st test on May 1st?
Mugello, Italy

Q3. How many retirements did Max Chilton have from races in 2013?
None. Best result 14th.

Q4. Adrian (Slasher) Sutil glassed Lotus owner Eric Lux in a nightclub in 2011, leaving him with 24 stitches and Sutil with a conviction for GBH. But what country did it happen in?
Shanghai, China

Q5. Hamilton was called as a defence witness in Sutils trial. What reason did he give for not turning up? a)He didn’t give a reason b)Attending a magazine photo shoot c)Attending the team car launch d)Washing his hair
He was attending the launch of his teams car

Q6. What year did Alonso last win a race?

Q7. For a point name all 5 teams Ross Brawn has worked with.
Benetton, Ferrari, Honda, Brawn, Mercedes

Q8. Ross is famous for having a hobby rather far removed from F1 racing. What is it.

Q9. Which team currently holds the record for highest percentage of wins per race starts?
Brawn 17 starts 8 wins 47.1%

Q10 Picture round. Name the track. Click to enlarge.
Q10 picture.png
Magny-Cours, France

Q11. Name the top 4 constructors from 2016, in order.
1st Mercedes, 2nd Red Bull, 3rd Ferrari and 4th Force India

Q12. Which driver was the only one to race in and complete every race of the 2016 season?
Dan Ricciardo.

Q13. What weird time based record does Luca Badoer hold in F1.
Longest period of absence between F1 entries. Suzuka 1999 - Valencia 2009. 3584 days.

Q14. Fill in the 2 blanks in the sequence. Hanger , Stowe, Vale, Club, Abbey, ? , ? , Brooklands
Farm, Arena. (Silverstone corners in order)

Q15. Hamilton is currently in 2nd on all time wins with 53. How many wins is 1st place man Michael Schumacher on?
91 wins

Q16. Is Sebastian Vettel ahead or behind Ayrton Senna in all time wins?
Ahead. Seb 42. Senna 41

Q17. Bahrain’s ‘government’ is a constitutional monarchy (dictatorship) with a disturbing human rights record. What year did the Bahrain GP get cancelled due to protests in the country?

Q18. Flavio Briatore famously left Renault in 2009 following the race fixing scandal. But who else left the team due to the scandal?
Executive director of engineering, Pat Symonds, was handed a 5 year ban which was over-turned on appeal.

Q19. The British GP in 1998 saw M. Schumacher handed a 10 second stop go penalty 2 laps from the end of the race. Schumacher still won the race by taking the penalty on the last lap, crossing the finish line in the pit lane before taking the ‘penalty’ after the race was won. The penalty was later rescinded and all 3 stewards had their licence removed by the FIA. But what incident was to blame for the penalty in the first place?
He passed Alexander Wurz under the safety car

Q20. Picture Round. Who is this future world champion? Click to enlarge.
Ayrton Senna

Q21. How many different winners have we had at Monaco between 2006-2016?

Q22. The season opener in Oz isn’t far away now. But who won in Australia last year?
Nico Rosberg

Q23. What date is the season opener this year?
March 26th

Q24. The cars are increasing in width for 2017. Last year they were 1400mm wide. How wide are they this year? a)1600mm b)1625mm c)1650mm

Q25. What was Jenson Buttons best result in his last(?) year in F1?
6th in Austria

Q26. How old is Fernando Alonso?

Q27. Nico Hulkenberg has never won in F1. But how many laps has he completed in the lead of a race? a)3 b)23 c)43

Q28.Which figure from F1 once likened women to ‘kitchen appliances’ before apologising, then repeating the statement.
Bernie Ecclestone

Q29. There are 6 drivers who have won only 3 world drivers titles. For a point name at least 5 of them.
You could of had - Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton

Q30. Final question and a picture round to spoil you. Name both drivers and the event for a point. Click to enlarge.
Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, British Grand Prix

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