QUIZ - Big Winter break quiz - December 2016


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Buckle up for a Grand Quiz of 30 questions.

Q1. Name any 5 out of the 6 F1 world champions from the last 11 years.
You could of had Alonso,Raikkonen,Hamilton,Button,Vettel or Rosberg

Q2. Over the 2014-2016 period. How many races have Mercedes lost?
just 8 out of 59

Q3. Name all the non-Mercedes drivers that won a race in 2016
Max Verstappen in Spain & Daniel Ricciardo in Malaysia

Q4. Picture round. Name all 4 drivers for a point. Click to enlarge.
Senna, Prost, Mansel, Piquet

Q5. Which team did World champion Nico Rosberg start his F1 career with?

Q6. What season was Martin Brundles last racing in F1?

Q7. Eadie Jordan has personally raced in several race series. Name any of them for a point.
Irish Kart championship (champion1971), Formula Ford, Formula Three, Formula Atlantic, Irish Formula Atlantic(champion1978), British Formula Three & Formula two.

Q8. Bottas was crowned GP3 champion in what year?

Q9. During the 2016 season. Lewis finished 7th in China. What race did Nico also finish 7th?
Nico was 7th in Monaco

Q10. Jim Clark was known for being fast and adaptable in many types of motorsport. But how many times did he race at LeMans 24Hr?
3 times. 1959,1960 & 1961

Q11. What 4 drivers didn't race a full season in 2016?
Alonso, Vandoorne, Ocon, Haryanto

Q12. Picture round. Who is this? Click to enlarge.
Hermann Tilke

Q13. Who was the first ever F1 world champion in 1950?
Giuseppe Farina

Q14. Name all 4 tracks that have been used for the British Grand Prix.
Brooklands, Silverstone, Aintree and Brands Hatch. (Donnington was the European Grand Prix)

Q15. Who is the only man to be a world champion in F1 and on Motorbikes
John Surtees

Q16. What 5 year period did we go to Valencia?

Q17. Who had more races this year Ocon or Haryanto?
Hatyanto 12. Ocon 9

Q18. What name did Sebastian Vettel give to his 2016 car?
Margherita. No really.

Q19. How old was Christian Horner when he appeared naked on a race car in Cosmo Magazine

Q20. How rich (net worth) is Lance Strolls daddy? a) US$1.2 billion b) US$2.4 billion c) US$7.3 billion
b) US$2.4 billion

Q21. Baku is on what sea?
Caspian Sea

Q22. What year did Mansell push his Lotus over the finish line in Dallas?

Q23. Nico won 4 races in a row in 2016. Which ones?
Australia, Bahrain, China & Russia

Q24. Name all 9 of Santas Reindeer. Well it is nearly Christmas.
Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner,Blitzen & Rudolph

Q25. How wide are the rear tyres for 2017. 325mm in 2016. a)375mm b)395mm c)405mm

Q26. What F1 race Did Vandoorne race at?

Q27. How many Podiums did Perez get in 2016?

Q28. What was the Haas teams best result?
5th in Bahrain

Q29. Picture round. Name the track. Click to enlarge.
Paul Ricard

Q30. Last question. Which team holds the unenviable record for the most race starts without a win?
Arrows on 383 starts, best result, 2nd.

How did you do?
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Having said that, all integers are also fractions, so banning them would leave us with a very restricted set of irrational numbers to go off.

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