Should F1 introduce a young drivers Thursday at every event?


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Right don't start with me on the cost issue.

But wouldn't it make sense to give young reserve drivers a chance of driving an F1 car (maybe from the season before) on a Thursday before every event. This way the youngsters coming into the sport the following season have an idea of what to expect when they make the move up from lower formulas. Plus all it would need is one driver from each team. It just makes more sense than a stupid 3 day young drivers test at the end of the season plus by getting car time on a Thursday it'll mean teams can place both they drivers from that current season in the car for both sessions on a Friday.

To me this would make more sense than anything and give the youngsters a day to shine. Maybe a 1 and half hour morning session followed by an hour afternoon session. With the hour and half session focused on race set-up with the hour session on qualifying. Plus a 15 minute mini race where the drivers get off the line and prepare themselves for a proper F1 race start.

I think that this could work and in the long run would help teams as well because no in-season testing per say is killing the development of young drivers coming through. This way we'll get the youngsters in the car without effecting the current teams drivers on Friday. This would also prepare them for F1 life and IMHO will improve racing and we'll see less crashes. Because something like this would have prepared Perez, Maldonado and Grosjean for what was to come in F1 and stop them from making silly little crashes.

What do you guys reckon?
Interesting idea. I'm not sure the teams would like the young Grosjeanistas giving them loads of work on Thursday nights with a race start to deal with, but I think the idea is generally sound.

Would, of course, cost less than having a 3 day test, because the cars'd be all there all ready. Great idea HammydiRestarules!
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