Sergey Sirotkin

So, exactly who is Sergiy Sirotkin?

Well, he's been in Formula Abarth and the Formula Renault Euro Series as well as Formula 3 in Italy. He's scored one podium in the Renault Series and lies 8th in the Championships.

For F1, he is Russian, and that seems to be enough. Although Sauber have plucked a driver from obscurity before...
I'm quoting myself because that is the cool thing to do:

His results so far are alright but nothing earth-shattering. He was the 2011 Formula Abarth European champion, came 2nd in the 2011 Formula Abarth Italian Championship, finished 3rd in the Auto GP championship, 5th in the F3 European championship, 6th in the F3 Italian championship and is currently 8th in the FR3.5 championship with 0 wins and 1 podium (2nd place).
Sirotkin crashed out of Saturdays 3.5 race at the Red Bull ring after his gearbox failed and he was hit in the rear.

He was running 7th at the time and was hassling Felix Da Costa and did seem to have some speed.
Ok so Sirotkin watch. Having caught up with the 3.5 series I was going to say he got a great podium in the wet and he does appear to have the speed to keep up with likes of the F1 juniors in Magnursen, Van Dorne, Stevens and Felix Da Costa which shows signs he has potential.

He just needs as much single seater time as he can get to learn the basics which is why this has frustrated me:

He's missing races in a series he missed half of already! For demonstrations! madness.
18? Pushing it a bit isn't it, he hasn't even got his Superlicense yet (or did incredibly recently, if memory serves me correctly) so jumping him into a Formula One car is a big mistake. And with Hulkenberg set for Lotus, you couldn't have him teamed up with Esteban Gutierrez. To quote Martin Brundle, it would be 'the blind leading the blind'
Sirotkin still is super licenceless.

Watched him yesterday in the 3.5 series and he had a pretty good battle with Felix Da Costa going on keeping the guy behind before his rear wing collapsed and he had to retire the car.

I guess the fact he can live with Felix Da Costa who will prob be in F1 next year is a good thing. But unfourtunatly this was a battle for 5th and they were both a country mile behing Magnussen, Will Stevens, Vandorne and William Buller.

Lets get this clear. Sirotkin is not Sakon Yamamoto. Sauber will put him in and on occassions he will prob do good and get through to Q3 because he has pace. However we'll see him in most races either throwing it off the track or colliding with other cars because he simply does not have the race experience in single seaters.

I hope the boy proves me wrong but I guess we'll see.
So who would have thought sense would win out over money.

The boy Sirotkin will do a second year in the world series driving for Fortec (Runners up last year, champs the year before).

Sergi gets to rack up the experience and have a title shot whilst waiting for his chance at Sauber.

Interestingly he'll be going up against Britains Oliver Rowland in his rookie year after Rowland had a great year in the 2.0 cup, The same series that Vandorne graduated from.
Congratulations to Sirotkin on his first win in 3.5 World Series at the Moscow Speedway today.

Its true he was helped by the fact that 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the championship (Sainz Jr, Gasly and Rowland) all stalled on the grid, after a stupidly long race start procedure, and had to start from the pitlane but he did land pole and he did lead lights to flag so you can't fault him.
He didn't relent under pressure from the Swiss guy (whose name escapes me) as well. Very cool performance.

And a sense of occasion doing it in Moscow, too! He could teach Jenson Button that one. :p

Remember he's still very young...
Fabulous performance by Sirotkin in the GP2 feature race at Hockenheim today. He pitted an extra time as his first stop was accidentally under the virtual safety car, and still stormed through to win.
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Sirotkin has always had potential but was shoved into the limelight too early. He had a great season last year and had been on form this year but with a few errors.

It really was a good win and a great 2ND in the sprint race too. (I'm still cheering on Oli Rowland though who is taking that horrible MP Motorsports car places it shouldn't go).
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