Head To Head Sebastian Vettel vs Daniel Ricciardo

If Seb has to move over for Danny Ric for team orders reason does that mean everyone will suddenly hate Danny Ric?

We don't like team orders right?
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I'm really not sure why team orders keep coming up, Ricciardo's now 92pts behind Lewis with a maximum of 100pts available. Hamilton only needs to finish 6th in either the USA/Brazil, or 8th in Abu Dhabi to make it impossible for Ricciardo to win the WDC. Team orders are not going to happen, Red Bull have absolutely nothing to gain from it!
I thought about the two Mercedes driver have a mare in the last three races and Danny sneaking the WDC from under their noses due to double points and it did make me smile indeed if it did happen I probably wouldn't stop laughing until testing starts again next year..
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anything to avoid another team order row - Red Bull have already said Vettel is likely to take a 10 place penalty because of the engine - timing is impeccable
I think the only way that will happen is if the 2 Merc machines are stolen and RB rolls out their 2 "new" suspiciously-Mercish cars that have been in secret development and whose RB livery is still dripping wet ...
Ok (and I'll regret asking this) - tell me why they need team orders when they have no chance of winning either title?

The only reasonable scenario is with regard to points being worth money. If either driver is holding the other up, and there is a chance that the faster bloke can pull off a pass or two to finish higher and score more points, then a team order would be sensible. Conversely, trying to "manipulate" the driver's positions, say via a delay for one in the pits, could mean that any additional points gained by the faster bloke could be negated by the other losing places and points. A seamless DRS overtake down a straight to minimise loss of time and overall position for both drivers has to be a better strategy.
teabagyokel Well Ricciardo needs Hamilton to mess up in the next race . Then both Mercs to mess up at the two end races --- Rosberg has come out and said he will be focused on his own interest now so there could be another incident between the two Mercs
one further note Vettel will sit out qualifying because he probably would have started at best 15th given that the Mercedes powered cars were going to be faster than him so 18th is not going to be a big issue when it will probably be Saubers and Lotuses just in front of him

It has come as a dismay to the race organisers this weekend
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