Schumacher to retire?


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This may be a load of Twiffle but twitter is awash with rumours of Schumacher retiring again..... I'll update when I hear more.
MS would never quit

driving in F1 will be better than any drug etc

And someone pays you?

A winner is not going to listen to a bunch of losers (journalists, pundits, forumers etc) and stop doing this fantastic occupation

Even if he comes last every race, its better than watching the race at home with Corrina bitching about doing the garden etc.

I didn't like him before but now he is a champ
Been getting mixed messages from everywhere about the Schumacher situation...

There was an article where he took the full blame of the Mercedes car being slow as he was "too relaxed" as he knows it takes a while building a team while Mercedes think the opposite.

I am unsure, he's been improving this year, if he stays for one more year he will surely improve more.

Maybe the pressure from Mercedes is too much for Brawn and Schumacher these days. I like this team, don't know why I would like to see them challenge the top teams, like BMW and NOT pull out.
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