Samsung S III battery & charging problems


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Not exactly a Samsung Galaxy Note.

But I have a Galaxy SIII, and ever since I've had it, it's taken ages to charge, I left it on for 3 hours, and it only went up I think 25% with all the apps off.

Once it actually went down by 2% while charging, yes it was plugged in, I was using it at the time aswell, but not much.

Wonder if anyone else that has a Galaxy SIII suffers the same problem? I use my brothers Sony Xperia charger, and that charges the phone within an hour and a half.
Slyboogy I know several people with a Galaxy SIII and they have none of the problems you describe, sounds like the battery needs replacing or your charger isn't working properly.
Strange that Josh

I know several people that own it that have the same problem, my brother and 2 close friends, along with a relative and other friends.

Thought it was common, and judging by the results from Google, it looks like it, there doesn't seem to be many solutions either.
My wife has a brand new S III which she got two weeks ago and doesn't have either of those problems.

There's obviously something wrong somewhere.
Are you charging it through the mains or USB?

I had a cable for an older android phone that ended up discharging it quickly via usb. the mains charger and any other lead were fine
Slyboogy some apps can cause the batttery drain. Check the application section of the settings and make sure no application is taking more than 30 % of the battery. I had a couple of apps uninstalled because of that.
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