MotoGP Rossi or Pedrosa?

Hey Penske .. havent the foggiest about Moto Gp , but think I'll go with Rossi , as I like the sound of his name better!

I haven't really been following it this year as too much other stuff to watch and not enough time...
It's going to be tight though for a change.

I didn't realise how tight it was so I may have to make time for the remaining races.
This year will be awesome. Pedrosa and Possi seperated by just 7 points. Stoner and Lorenzo are far behind, but you cant count them out of equation.

I think ROSSI will win......
It seems to be quite close between them at the moment, It very much looks like one bike has an advantage at one track then the other has it at another, but im gunna go for Pedrosa,
He is looking quite differnt this year more aggresive more determination. I think the has the bit between his teeth and knows that this year hes got the equipment to do it with
Stoner is really coming back strongly into it too. I'd hate to call it between the three but it'd be nice to see Pedrosa get it this year. I'd say Toseland, but the flying pigs just looked at me funny.
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