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It's like F1's really crap version of the Fan Boost.

To be fair Formula E's Fan Boost is a pretty crappy thing as it is... the daftest, stupidest thing I ever heard of in any form of motor racing in fact.

Whatever next, Dial-a-drive-through-penalty?
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rio 1st installment has been paid by the first installment has been paid, has came from Rio’s family connections, personal sponsors, Pertamina & other local entrepreneurs. Its 2nd of 3 installments. But its a weird one because its almost lose lose because feels like the Indonesian government are trying to wriggle out of a deal by Trying to have their cake & eat it. Because they said in January of course we will fund Haryanto to get him in Manor F1 Seat, but then they realised like the outgoing Venezuelan parliament realised. That when the public find out youve been spending money on F1. When they would rather have spent on poverty, schools & health care it goes badly

but also they dont want to be seen to be screwing over the nations biggest sportsman. I think thats why this crowd sourcing idea has came from the Indonesian government, & although its not crowd funding apparently theyve marketed it "as a unique opportunity for fans of F1 to feel directly involved with the progression of their favorite driver."

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Just how many F1 fans are there in Indonesia? I suspect that a large contribution from each one will be needed.


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Indonesia is one of the few countries in the world that still gets all F1 races free to air so there may be a fair few viewers and fans.


I've been trying to find someone that has had a least successful career than Haryanto and I cannot.

With 12 races under his belt, and a career best of P15, I can't find anyone with as many races and a higher career best finish.

There are several guys with a P14 as their best, but Rio's in rare air.


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Unfortunately for Rio some of the older generation's figures were greatly assisted by the lack of reliability. These days slow cars finish races, they don't blow up.


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This Haryanto story just gets more tragic by the day. From what i understand apparently he trying to get a drive at sauber & manor but the deadlines past. Then tragic part Haryanto mum told an Indonesian newspaper said he will be working at his fathers owned stationary business in 2017

Live reaction to that news from Haryanto



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I thought that was a hilarious joke, then read the article and its a hilarious real story instead. Omg.

Maybe he should just have a year out, go work at a beach bar, play some music. After all his name is Rio and he dances in the s.. Oh forget it.
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