Rio Haryanto


It looks as though this guy has secured the Manor drive though it hasn't been officially announced yet.
So who is he? He's an Indonesian race driver aged 23. He's had a lot of single seater experience. For the last four years he's raced in GP2 for different teams with mediocre results ( 14th 19th 15th) until last year 2015, when he raced for Campos and finished 4th. And that was quite a string field.
In 2014 when he finished 14the he was partnered with Rossi, but comparing results is difficult because they didn't race against each other all season, there were team changes.

Prior to his GP2 career, he raced in GO3 in 2010 he raced for Manor and finished5th , he was also F1 test driver that year.
And in 2011 he raced for Marussia Manor and finishe 7th...he also seemed to be racing in other series that year.

So that's the guy who looks likely to partner Werhlein.
They big up the driver, and play down the money. I suppose they can't be honest though. It will be interesting to see how he performs in an F1 car as a race driver and not as a test driver.
Well done to Rio Haryanto, he shown glimpses of promise in the years ive seen him in GP2 only 2015 has he really started being competitive has got 3 wins but they are sprint races & only feature race podium he's managed in his 6 gp2/gp3 seasons was back In 2011 with Germany gp3 victory. But I had expected it because apparently the Indonesian government have given him some money. Even though I know there is no sentimentality In sport I feel its a shame because id hoped they would have given Will Stevens or Alexander Rossi a chance in an competitive car as a bit of a thanks after flogging a dead horse all last season
I don't think he's the most promising prospect, probably will never have a drive with even a midfield team. But they could've done much worse.

Sadly for Haryanto I worry that he won't have much a chance to prove himself, except maybe that he's faster than Pascal Wehrlein.
well Rio certainly he's making himself famous with the prang in the morning but outqualified Wehrlein lets see if he can keep this up
did well but can you really just count this as a proper outqualifying because it means nothing with being so chaotic. i think it was harsh i wouldve blame grosjean as he is the 1 that could infront of him haryanto
In the ranks of pay drivers he's certainly not the worst there's ever been but there are plenty waiting to take his seat if he can't come up with the dosh.
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