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OK here I go my first topic post, I'm not one for creating a subject normally but there is a first time for everything :)

I Just read a report by DC (Mr Chin) on the ITV website regarding refuelling and it got me thinking about pit stops, refuelling etc.

DC report

In short I have to agree with his comments as I well remember the days when refuelling was not an issue and it put far more emphasis on the team / driver to balance fuel consumption during the race. Sometimes meaning over exuberance meant running out of fuel before the end of the race making things very unpredictable. But also from a fans perspective it added excitement to the racing and I think encouraged overtaking in parts where the driver / team felt comfortable or perceived an advantage with fuel economy.

Whilst I love F1 I don't think I have ever warmed to the sprint races within races which as I see it in reality creates a lot of predictability given just how quick a team can be on a given fuel load (with the best teams always ruling the roost irrespective) and I hate the fact a race can be won in the pits rather than driver input. I would rather see all teams carry the same fuel weight penalty from the start and watch it unfold from there. Only thing I would keep is a mandatory pitstop for tyres.

I'm sure this post will cause a lot of differing opinions to surface which I'm hoping it will do.

And I'm sure a lot of questions / answers will arise from it.

To touch on a few
Eco friendly
Would the qualifying format work as it stands
Well, I was going to reply by saying "I need to think about this before replying", but the site refused to let me post! Nothing serious, just the odd error message! :unsure:

We're fine now! :)

So, I need to think about this before replying. Nice thread slick, but this deserves some thought before dissemination. I'll be back...

A couple of pre-thoughts on previous races without refueling - no overtaking, no race strategy/fuel levels but on the plus side there's tyre management and fuel management...Ok, I needs to think about it!
After serious thought, I recon DC might have a case for banning re-fueling... but it does depend on the new aero package of next year.

I read somewhere, F1fanatic I think, where some-one wrote that with the way the cars are at the moment, overtaking would not be improved by this measure. i.e. cars start the race with full tanks & it's then up to the driver to look after the tyres, so they go the full race distance, or the driver opts to pit for tyres and use the improved grip to catch the cars that haven't stopped.

Different fuel levels will mean that cars will handle better or worse as the race progresses, therefore producing the possibility of overtaking... However, the cars this year cannot follow another through a corner, so overtaking would still be a rarity. Procession, me thinks. :sleeping:

If the new aero package next season allows the cars to get close to another car though a corner, and therefore provide the opportunity to overtake at the next braking zone, then the driver skills in looking after tyres, driving a car that changes handling, etc, will be good and there would be no risk of a fire because of re-fueling...

Now, after all that thinking, my head hurts and I need a lie down.
There pros and cons. Pros would be, there would have to be more overtaking. But would the leaders fighting for the chamionship risk a puncture and a wing? In Monaco, they would just be going round in circles for 70 laps. The better teams will always be at the front, and the worse teams at the back due to no mixed fuel strategies, 1 pit stops to three will now be irrelevant. Having all the fuel at the begining will increase the MPG of the car for the start of the race, now with the sport trying to go green, will that be an issue? There will no longer be the fuel rig guy going flying down the pit lane as the driver had just driven off with the fuel still attatched. Stratagy has always played a part in all great races. Especially with Shumi. Thats all i can think of right now.
My self, im not sure what is right for the sport. I think first step is to strip them of all little airo pieces and little wings and all that stuff and then we will see where they stand. It may then not interupt the air flow so much and we may see more overtaking. But again, that was ment to happen with the loss of traction control. But we will see. :unsure:
oooh, amd another thing. Drivers such as Barichello, kubica and hamilton will all have to pit at least once each race as they are tough on their tyres. So, it could be the end of them. But like i said, lets see what the new airo package does. And only then we will know whats the right move. But if they do change it to no re-fueling. They would have to consider dropping Monaco... and i know how that consideration is going to go. :tumbleweed:
honestly. down the dustbin with this refuelling and tyre stuff as soon as possible thank you very much.

why on one hand all kinds of rules for things to save energy and on the other hand ban the one great big serious energy savour? plus, it makes for much more interesting races cos there will be another elemant which can decide races. and it makes for a much cleaner race from a spectator point of view. i frankly am not at all amuzed by having to keep track who stops and who still has to stop. bring back the intelligence of the driver! plus the accidents in the pitlane with refuelling are slowly getting iffy.

tyres is another silly one. why on earth have rules which dictates drivers what tyres to use? do we want tight races or not. i have a simple answer: yes we do. tyre rules make not a lot of sense if you allow them to be used for as long as the driver decides. its all way too complicated and distracts from what really matters.

yes, i'm back
I think the tyre rule is rather stupid i think. I think they should be able to pick any tyre out of the two choosen at any given time and there shouldn't be a tryre limit so they can afford to waste some for an exalent qually lap. You may still find teams using both sets of tyres during the race anyway. The softer to get off the line. Then do a long stint on the harder ones.

I want to see the hour qually sesion back but with maybe 15 laps available for each driver. Because anyone can get pole over a sinlge lap qually due to inconsistency, mistakes or a wrond set up by the other drivers. Give the guys 5 (or more) flying laps, then they will be able to get out the best of each car and if they make a mistake or get hold up by another slow car, they wont be hampered to much as they will have another lap to land on if need be.

But its a tricky one. There is never going to be the perfect rule(s) for formula1. Someone is always going to disagrea. >:(
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