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This is first quiz I've done here. I tried to put a theme that is not yet used, so here we go for the questions regarding races what have been stopped, and some of them restarted.

1. What was first World Championship race to be stopped early?
1950 Indianapolis 500

2. 1976 German Grand Prix is remembered of fiery crash of Niki Lauda. But who pulled out of the sport completely after the accident, and didn't even take part for the restart?
Chris Amon

3. 1978 Italian Grand Prix was scheduled for 52 laps. But the first start ended in crash which claimed Ronnie Peterson's life, how many laps were run in the restart?
40. Half a point for 38, 39, 41 or 42.

4. 1981 Belgian Grand Prix had start crash involving two cars and a mechanic from which team?

5. Stefan Bellof had a great race in 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, finishing 3rd. But after all Tyrrell results were disqualified later, who inheritet that 3rd place?
René Arnoux

6. Which two Grand Prix's have been stopped twice due to first-lap accidents?
1987 Austria and 1990 Belgium

7. Olivier Grouillard was black-flagged in 1989 San Marino Grand Prix for illegal repairs between two starts. Which two drivers were disqualified after the race, only to be re-instated later?
Thierry Boutsen and Alex Caffi

8. Original Team Lotus had awful final season. In 1994 Italian Grand Prix Johnny Herbert qualified 4th, only to start from the pitlane in the restart, after being punted off by whom?
Eddie Irvine

9. 1998 Belgian Grand Prix had lots of incidents, including start crash that took out more than half of the field. Which four drivers failed to restart?
Rubens Barrichello, Olivier Panis, Mika Salo and Ricardo Rosset

10. Markus Winkelhock led the 2007 European Grand Prix at the red flag. But he dropped out of the lead very soon after race got underway again. Where was he after first green flag lap?
3½. This quiz research is doing me good, I got Q5 from a similar (but different) question in my Top 10 Quiz dealing with that race.
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