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Red Bull Racing

FIA Entry: Red Bull Racing Renault
Car 1: Sebastien Vettel
Car 2: Mark Webber
Engine: Renault V8
Team Owner: Dietrich Mateschitz
Team Principal: Christian Horner
Chief Technical: Office Adrian Newey
Chief Designer: Rob Marshall
Race Engineer Car 1: Guillaume “Rocky” Rocquelin
Race Engineer Car 2: Ciaron Pilbeam

Stats as of end 2010

First Entered 2005
Races Entered 107
Race Wins 15
Pole Positions 20
Fastest Laps 12
Driver World Championships 1
Constructor World Championships 1

Team History

Before Red Bull

In 1997 Paul Stewart, aided by his father Jackie and the Ford Motor Company, made the leap from F3000 to F1 as an entrant. Jonny Herbert won 1 race for the Stewart team before it was sold off to Ford who re-branded the cars as Jaguar.

Ford stuck with it through thick and thin (mainly thin) through to the end of 2004 before selling the team to Dietrich Mateschitz, who owns the Red Bull drinks brand, for $1 on the understanding he invested $400 million over 3 years

Red Bull Racing

With Christian Horner installed as team principal, McLaren refugee David Coulthard and Christian Klien as the drivers Red Bull went racing. Their first season was certainly more successful than Jaguar had managed, even with the same Cosworth power plant, with Coulthard managing a 4th place at the European Grand Prix and the team finishing 7th in the Constructors Championship.

Adrian Newey joined from McLaren as chief designer for 2006 and Red Bull swapped to Ferrari engines. Coulthard managed a podium at his "home" race in Monaco prompting Christian Horner to jump naked, other than wearing a red cape, into a swimming pool.

Christian Klien, who shared the car with Vitantonio Liuzzi in 2005 and Robert Doornbos in 2006, departed the team for 2007 and was replaced by Mark Webber. The RB3 was the first full "Newey" car and was coupled with a Renault motor. The car was very unreliable, suffering from a variety of different problems but Webber managed a podium at the European Grand Prix and the team finished 5th in the WCC.

Retaining the same engine and drivers for 2008 Red Bull slipped back to 7th in the WCC and again only managed a single podium, for Coulthard in Canada, but the reliability issues which plagued the car the previous season were mainly resolved.

2009 was Red Bull's break through year. With Coulthard having retired Webber was joined by Red Bull junior driver Sebastien Vettel. The new rules allowed Newey to design a car which challenged for both the Drivers and Constructors Championship. Webber won 2 races, Vettel 4 and the team climbed to 2nd in WCC taking 3 pole positions en-route.

In 2010 Red Bull justified Mateschitz's investment winning the Constructors title and Vettel the Drivers Championship. They won 9 races through the season, 5 for Vettel and 4 for Webber and took 10 poles. Webber led the title race for much of the season but it was the 23 year old Vettel who stole the title in the last race of the season and became the youngest Champion as a result.

2011 sees the team retain the same driver line up as 2010 and continue with Renault engine power in the new RB7 car.
If she was directly employed by Red Bull and has followed the company complaints procedure, then the next step is to resign and go through the employment tribunal process for constructive dismissal.

The only reason for F1 or the FIA to get involved is if it is bringing the sport into disrepute, but that's a whole different process and would be instigated by the FIA, not a complaint by an employee outside the organisation.
If you read what happened to one of winners of the Apprentice you will know she sued for constructive dismissal after resigning but the courts said resigning is not grounds for constructive dismissal. So the complainant should not resign in my opinion
If you read what happened to one of winners of the Apprentice you will know she sued for constructive dismissal after resigning but the courts said resigning is not grounds for constructive dismissal. So the complainant should not resign in my opinion
Agree. That's common sense. How can you say you were unfairly dismissal if you resigned.

Seven-time world champion Hamilton added: "It is still a male-dominated sport and we're living in a time where the message is, 'if you file a complaint, you'll be fired'.

Does snyone want to work for Red Bull? Not sure if its the same job as the one that was advertised as when the overspend allegations came out in 2022. So that would be about 18 months the person lasted
I hate to be an argumentative arse Il_leone, but if you feel forced to resign because of the way your employer has treated you this is grounds for taking your employer to court for constructive dismissal. This article form ACA should help clear up any confusion - Constructive dismissal - Dismissals - Acas
Well it did not work out for Stella English and bankrupted her taking on Sugar because she resigned which is how the courts ruled. It might be written like that but you need the best lawyers around to win you the case

So the woman complaining against Red Bull needs more hard evidence because she's already accepted €1m
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