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Red Bull Racing

FIA Entry: Red Bull Racing Renault
Car 1: Sebastien Vettel
Car 2: Mark Webber
Engine: Renault V8
Team Owner: Dietrich Mateschitz
Team Principal: Christian Horner
Chief Technical: Office Adrian Newey
Chief Designer: Rob Marshall
Race Engineer Car 1: Guillaume “Rocky” Rocquelin
Race Engineer Car 2: Ciaron Pilbeam

Stats as of end 2010

First Entered 2005
Races Entered 107
Race Wins 15
Pole Positions 20
Fastest Laps 12
Driver World Championships 1
Constructor World Championships 1

Team History

Before Red Bull

In 1997 Paul Stewart, aided by his father Jackie and the Ford Motor Company, made the leap from F3000 to F1 as an entrant. Jonny Herbert won 1 race for the Stewart team before it was sold off to Ford who re-branded the cars as Jaguar.

Ford stuck with it through thick and thin (mainly thin) through to the end of 2004 before selling the team to Dietrich Mateschitz, who owns the Red Bull drinks brand, for $1 on the understanding he invested $400 million over 3 years

Red Bull Racing

With Christian Horner installed as team principal, McLaren refugee David Coulthard and Christian Klien as the drivers Red Bull went racing. Their first season was certainly more successful than Jaguar had managed, even with the same Cosworth power plant, with Coulthard managing a 4th place at the European Grand Prix and the team finishing 7th in the Constructors Championship.

Adrian Newey joined from McLaren as chief designer for 2006 and Red Bull swapped to Ferrari engines. Coulthard managed a podium at his "home" race in Monaco prompting Christian Horner to jump naked, other than wearing a red cape, into a swimming pool.

Christian Klien, who shared the car with Vitantonio Liuzzi in 2005 and Robert Doornbos in 2006, departed the team for 2007 and was replaced by Mark Webber. The RB3 was the first full "Newey" car and was coupled with a Renault motor. The car was very unreliable, suffering from a variety of different problems but Webber managed a podium at the European Grand Prix and the team finished 5th in the WCC.

Retaining the same engine and drivers for 2008 Red Bull slipped back to 7th in the WCC and again only managed a single podium, for Coulthard in Canada, but the reliability issues which plagued the car the previous season were mainly resolved.

2009 was Red Bull's break through year. With Coulthard having retired Webber was joined by Red Bull junior driver Sebastien Vettel. The new rules allowed Newey to design a car which challenged for both the Drivers and Constructors Championship. Webber won 2 races, Vettel 4 and the team climbed to 2nd in WCC taking 3 pole positions en-route.

In 2010 Red Bull justified Mateschitz's investment winning the Constructors title and Vettel the Drivers Championship. They won 9 races through the season, 5 for Vettel and 4 for Webber and took 10 poles. Webber led the title race for much of the season but it was the 23 year old Vettel who stole the title in the last race of the season and became the youngest Champion as a result.

2011 sees the team retain the same driver line up as 2010 and continue with Renault engine power in the new RB7 car.

The Artist.....

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Plus, Mercedes are contracted to supply 4 teams in 2022...
  1. Mercedes
  2. McLaren
  3. Jordan, Midland, Spyker, Force India, Racing Point, Aston Martin
  4. Williams
Of course, Mercedes might feel that providing engines to Aston Martin (as a partial competitor to some of Mercedes' production) is a conflict, but, I couldn't see them welching on the contract.


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could we see, a mecachrome style deal with Honda where, Red Bull take the engine on rebadge it & then ask andy cowell how much salary he would like. to come in & carry on the development themselves


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Mercedes or I should say Toto says no Merc engines for Red Bull citing 4 teams with their engines

Renault or I should say Cyril thinks Red Bull have a plan and Renault are not the first priority

Tost says both Red Bull and Alpha Tauri using Renault engines would mean they can create synergies like data sharing


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because of this. this rumour has surfaced
A new company called Red Bull Powertrains Limited has been formed to run the project, and will be run out of Red Bull’s main base in Milton Keynes.



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All 5 worked on the best engine under the current regulations. Who knows who will produce the best engine under the next set.


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yeah its how F1 has worked for many years, im just surprised that mercedes have held on to people for so long because ferrari & red bull had people poached alot quicker but we are 9 years into their project & theyve only just lost people now

but its intelligence of the their power unit that they will lose. so mercedes would still be worried


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The Mercedes power unit was basically an Ilmor unit, Mercedes then set up a factory to build and develop the unit under the Mercedes name, poaching PU engineers from Mercedes may not unlock the secrets as Ilmor may be where the intelligence still is.
BMW bought Land Rover from BAE to develop their 4 x 4 range, they thought they had the design and programs for the ultimate 4 x 4 but neither BMW or Ford have the off road capability of a LR/RR, the secret always stays with the developer as they know why the design was set up, you can copy anything but what you see may not be the why it works.


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I suspect many who worked for Ilmor and Mercedes HPP would be much happier working in MK, when they are currently based in Northamptonshire, than they would moving to Maranello.


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This is utterly sad ..the stewards gave a penalty so in theory they have already dealt with it.. you cant issue another penalty after that

They cant disqualify Hamilton nor extend his time penalty either
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