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Red Bull Racing

FIA Entry: Red Bull Racing Renault
Car 1: Sebastien Vettel
Car 2: Mark Webber
Engine: Renault V8
Team Owner: Dietrich Mateschitz
Team Principal: Christian Horner
Chief Technical: Office Adrian Newey
Chief Designer: Rob Marshall
Race Engineer Car 1: Guillaume “Rocky” Rocquelin
Race Engineer Car 2: Ciaron Pilbeam

Stats as of end 2010

First Entered 2005
Races Entered 107
Race Wins 15
Pole Positions 20
Fastest Laps 12
Driver World Championships 1
Constructor World Championships 1

Team History

Before Red Bull

In 1997 Paul Stewart, aided by his father Jackie and the Ford Motor Company, made the leap from F3000 to F1 as an entrant. Jonny Herbert won 1 race for the Stewart team before it was sold off to Ford who re-branded the cars as Jaguar.

Ford stuck with it through thick and thin (mainly thin) through to the end of 2004 before selling the team to Dietrich Mateschitz, who owns the Red Bull drinks brand, for $1 on the understanding he invested $400 million over 3 years

Red Bull Racing

With Christian Horner installed as team principal, McLaren refugee David Coulthard and Christian Klien as the drivers Red Bull went racing. Their first season was certainly more successful than Jaguar had managed, even with the same Cosworth power plant, with Coulthard managing a 4th place at the European Grand Prix and the team finishing 7th in the Constructors Championship.

Adrian Newey joined from McLaren as chief designer for 2006 and Red Bull swapped to Ferrari engines. Coulthard managed a podium at his "home" race in Monaco prompting Christian Horner to jump naked, other than wearing a red cape, into a swimming pool.

Christian Klien, who shared the car with Vitantonio Liuzzi in 2005 and Robert Doornbos in 2006, departed the team for 2007 and was replaced by Mark Webber. The RB3 was the first full "Newey" car and was coupled with a Renault motor. The car was very unreliable, suffering from a variety of different problems but Webber managed a podium at the European Grand Prix and the team finished 5th in the WCC.

Retaining the same engine and drivers for 2008 Red Bull slipped back to 7th in the WCC and again only managed a single podium, for Coulthard in Canada, but the reliability issues which plagued the car the previous season were mainly resolved.

2009 was Red Bull's break through year. With Coulthard having retired Webber was joined by Red Bull junior driver Sebastien Vettel. The new rules allowed Newey to design a car which challenged for both the Drivers and Constructors Championship. Webber won 2 races, Vettel 4 and the team climbed to 2nd in WCC taking 3 pole positions en-route.

In 2010 Red Bull justified Mateschitz's investment winning the Constructors title and Vettel the Drivers Championship. They won 9 races through the season, 5 for Vettel and 4 for Webber and took 10 poles. Webber led the title race for much of the season but it was the 23 year old Vettel who stole the title in the last race of the season and became the youngest Champion as a result.

2011 sees the team retain the same driver line up as 2010 and continue with Renault engine power in the new RB7 car.


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The difference between Albon and Gasly is that Albon is not getting lapped and the margin between the two excluding Brazil is smaller than Gasly's who was more than 30 seconds behind at least apart from Silverstone.

Gasly was always going to be under pressure given the way Red Bull want to coddle to Verstappen's ego and not showing the same respect to Ricciardo and Sainz both who have proven to be more capable than Gasly.

People will point to Leclerc as a comparison of a junior driver promoted to the main team from Alfa to Ferrari and being a front runner . That is what Gasly should be achieving but he is falling way short and racing in Formula 1.5 as some have said - no man's land so he must finish 6th at least all the time which he was not and instead racing against Haas, Mclaren, Racing Point and Renault

What really killed his confidence was crashing twice in testing which meant they did not get the data as well spending time repairing the car for Verstappen . Then he had the engine problems to start with


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I don't disagree with any of the above if I'm honest. My point is that the media decided they weren't going to tolerate Gasly's performance prior to him even getting in the seat yet when Albon switched over at Belgium they were singing his praises like he was second coming (despite being beat by Kvyat all year).

Red Bull should have given Gasly a whole season before they made their call. There is no question in that. It's not like Albon is going anywhere and it's cost them a championship is it? They didn't because they are spinless and listen to tittle tattle.


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Red Bull should have given Gasly a whole season before they made their call. There is no question in that. It's not like Albon is going anywhere and it's cost them a championship is it? They didn't because they are spinless and listen to tittle tattle.

The once fabled Red Bull young driver programme is now being questioned for its brutality in ending young drivers careers before they are fully developed. It has to be said Gasly's performances or benchmark is measured against what Vettel/ Verstappen/ Ricciardo achieved from junior formula to the main team as well as against Leclerc's own promotion. Unfortunately for him its a high one to achieve before being given the chop.

For some reason Gasly's promotion from f2 did not get the same level of praise or endorsement like the others before him and at Toro Rosso he essentially beat a journeyman in Hartley who looked out of his depth and was appointed because Red Bull decided to kick Kyvat into the doghouse. So really if Gasly did not beat Hartley then he should not be in F1 then again people will say Hartley should not be in F1 but Red Bull have destroyed too many young drivers before they developed even if he did beat him.

Gasly was in a no win situation no matter what he achieved at Toro Rosso. Even getting promoted to Red Bull was because of what I posted previously so really the only way he could show he was worthy of his drive was actually beat Verstappen. That is not helped when Marko comes out saying Verstappen was going to be champion this season --hardly endorsing to Gasly is it?

So he should have been allowed to develop at Toro Rosso before being fully ready, Red Bull look really stupid they had Sainz ready to replace Ricciardo and could have played hard ball to make it happen.

Whilst I do think they might have certainly had 2nd place or constructors championships if the pairing was Verstappen and Ricciardo or Verstappen and Sainz.

This is real pathetic excuse from Red Bull because they have never defended and rubbished any speculation about drivers being sacked or dropped previously so why now. They were saying Kyvat needed to be out of the firing line and did nothing to rebuild his confidence and eventually kicked him out of f1 for one season. The same might happen to Gasly. It does show that Red Bull do employ a clear No 1 policy and they do seem to let the No 2 driver rot and fight for his life almost
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That is possible but I think Red Bull's influence maybe still to be based in Milton Keynes rather than in Japan like previous Honda disasters

I am not sure how much affiliation Red Bull have with KTM but the goal to be Moto GP winners in Red Bull livery does seem to be appetising for the brand as they are not the main sponsors of the Honda Racing team whereas you can clearly see them on the KTM bikes

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Has it really taken all this time for Helmut Marko to realise that if you put ten new parts on the car at the same time and the performance goes down then you can't tell which one(s) the problem?

The BBC team were pondering if the reason this year's Red Bull is slower than last year's is that if your design philosophy is totally different to that of Mercedes but you put your "Mercedes" nose on the front it may not work.


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if your design philosophy is totally different to that of Mercedes but you put your "Mercedes" nose on the front it may not work.

You would have thought Adrian Newey would have understood that. Has he completely given up now?


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I wonder if the Honda engine is not as strong as it proclaimed to be because Alpha Tauri seems to be experiencing a lot of engine failures. The car is on a knife edge the drivers are spinning if they push too much which is unlike Newey to get it wrong.


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I did enjoy Paul di Resta (failed F1 driver) advising Adrian Newey (most succesful F1 designer of all time) to review the basic principals of this years RB car. Well done Paul, maybe you should have a go at designing a car as you obvioulsy know best.

(Actually, he said that Rid Boole should consider following the same concept as Mershadies but I assumed he meant Red Bull and Mercedes. I may be wrong, perhaps there are two other teams in F1 I don't know about? Ghost teams! Scooby Doo, where are you?)


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You love making those big, bold statements Il_leone with next to no evidence what so ever. The number of people you call stooges and puppets and the number of conspiracies you promote I'm tempted to suggest you are the QAnon of F1.



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I realise my post was paraphrased not the way I would like

FB Any reason to champion Toast I mean Tost then? 2 wins - one with a Ferrari engine and a Honda engine . Horner has got zero wins with a Renault engine and equal wins in a Honda engine as Tost's team this season

I wonder what words will Verstappen have about Honda engine conking out 2 weeks in a row!
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