Red Bull pit stop outside the Houses of Parliament, London

Bet the guy driving that taxi past the scene thought WTH is that. LOL

Wonder if that was for an advert or something?
Just promotion for the British GP I think.

That taxi driver probably said to his passenger: "I've had him in the back of my cab" LOL
The team then proceded to complete a 3.2-second pitstop, according to Red Bull.

Taken from the article in Autosport regarding the above footage.

My question is; Are Red Bull setting a new standard for total bullshit this season? LOL
cider_and_toast said:
My question is; Are Red Bull setting a new standard for total bullshit this season? LOL

Ah the Red Bull school of exageration strikes again, but honestly if you watch it a x2 speed then 3.2 would be fairly accurate LOL
I find it funny how everyone claimed that it was a 3.2s pit stop. Its a hell of a lot longer than that!!! :thinking:
OK, so you do some publicity stunt outside the Houses of Parliament.

Pretty pointless, a total waste of resources, but I'm with you thus far.

Then you lie about the time it took you to make you look good despite evidence to the contrary.

Seriously, come on. Why compete when you are the only competitor?

Soon you'll have the BBC doing this on race day:

Jonathan Legard: Red Bull have been claiming that black is white.
Martin Brundle: Well, I'm pretty convinced that black is not white
Jonathan Legard: David in the pits has a view on the matter
David Coulthard: I'm pretty sure that Red Bull are right and that black is white. What people don't understand is that on the lines of basic comprehension of the world, all the other cars are slower than Red Bull so what they say goes.
Eddie Jordan: I totally disagree with you. Black is not white, but it doesn't really matter because neither are as good as YELLOW!
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