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How did you rate the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix?

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So how did you rate the Spanish GP?

Personally I've given it a 1 and that was only because of the "ooh bugger" moment caused by Ro-Gro's early spin.

The broadcaster couldn't be bothered to show more than 5 minutes worth of Hamilton as he disappeared off into the sunset completely unchallenged.

Duller than Mr Dull painting a grey cloud on a grey canvas using only one shade of grey.

Over to you.
I honestly fell asleep after 10-15 mins. And most of that was behind safety car. Gave it a 2. Judging by other comments, I needn't search for the highlights.

Did Verstappen have an incident free race?
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Did Verstappen have an incident free race?


Nope, he ran into the back of another car (can't remember who) damaged his front wing, the end plate of which subsequently fell off and was driven over by Perez.

Did well to finish third though.
Dull. Dull. Dull. Duller than toast.

Actually that's an insult to toast. If I was given the choice between a free holiday from work where I have to watch the Spanish Grand Prix again or just a simple slice of toast then it would be toast everytime.
it was a pretty terrible race, but combination of car & the circuit. but spain has always been spain. I'm with brundle id get rid of chicane it completely defeats the object of what it was there for. because surely driver would be able to follow better through the quick double left like the lesmos at monza
I just had toast and pate for lunch, and that was really good. Not a bit like the race which I gave a 2, mostly for RoGros moment of insanity. A race for the dustbin.
I tried watching the "highlights" and found them to be the perfect cure for insomnia.

A very generous 1
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