Technical Rapid Prototyping


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Found this article on the use of rapid prototyping in F1 and thought I'd share it.

Red Bull bring 3D printers to the circuit to make new parts to go on the car during the weekend and Aston Martin made a rapid prototype of an engine!

Pretty clever stuff. Also nice that someone seems to be doing something with 3D printers that isn't printing more 3D printers (this seems to be the goal of 90% of the 3D printing community).
What if the 3d printers were programmed to do nothing but print more printers? It's like the Dracliar terrors I used to suffer as a child. I'm going back to bed now, to hide under the duvet.
Rapid prototyping is now pretty much a misnomer, as the quality is now such that its replacing/complimenting other more "traditional" workshop techniques.
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