Random Quiz VI


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Another quiz!

1. The 2001 Australian Grand Prix was the first for Michelin since the 1984 season. Which driver, equipped with their tyres, finished highest in Melbourne?
Luciano Burti (7th)

2. Despite only winning a single race in 1982 Keke Rosberg won the championship. How many drivers (incl. Rosberg) have won at least one race that season?
11(none of them secured more than two wins)

3. Why was Toranosuke Takagi disqualified from the 1999 French Grand Prix?
He used tyres allocated for his teammate Pedro de la Rosa

4. How often has Birabongse Bhanudej been married?
6 times (to 5 different women)

5. Three drivers have won their one and only Grand Prix during the 1975 Formula 1 season? Name them. (1/3 point each)
Jochen Mass, Carlos Pace, Vittorio Brambilla

6. Bertrand Gachot finished third at the 1989 Portuguese Grand Prix. It was which team’s only ever podium finish?

7. The same race was also the last ever race for another team. Which team?

8. Which is the only F1 tyre supplier to have never won a race?

9. Who would have started from Pole Position had the 2005 US Grand Prix been started with all qualified drivers?
Jarno Trulli

10. Red Bull have had 6 drivers in their F1 history. Who drove the least Grand Prix for them?
Robert Doornbos
Toastie man? LOL

How constructive :p

I would have got one right, but I guessed Raikkonen for Q9, then changed to Trulli, clicked on it and it was Trulli, so don't know whether I count that one or not :disappointed:
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