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Does any one have any idea where I might find some statistics on the number of punctures individual drivers have sustained over the last three seasons?

I suspect I am going to have to research this one myself but just in case someone has some I thought I'd make this request. :embarrassed:

Thanks for your consideration.
I've had a good look around but can't find anywhere that lists punctures.

I have a list of all retirements by type going back to the very first championship race, but this is purely for retirements and punctures during races aren't accounted for.
Thanks for looking Bro. :thumbsup:

I'm going to make a point of noting any and all punctures this season and where ever possible the cause of the puncture. I have to explode this myth that Lewis Hamilton gets more punctures than any other driver. :givemestrength:

But of course you knew that was why I was looking. :embarrassed:
Just popped in prior to starting to catch up with a large backlog of stats.

My first thought on punctures was the FIA "Race Facts" or Lap-by-lap documents
which used to appear on their website after each race. However, it seems that
they stopped doing those last season.

I do have copies of the 2007 & 2008 data though.

2007 Turkey - Hamilton stopped lap 43, punctured right front

2008 Spain - Coulthard, lap 54, left rear
2008 Turkey - Kovalainen, lap 2, not specified

I suspect that 2009 data can be obtained from autosport.com, I'll have a look
when I get a chance.
OK autosport.com have a live text commentary archive for the races.

2009 was a busy season for punctures:

GBR Kovalainen lap 38 rear hit by Bourdais
GER Hamilton 2 r-rear
EUR Nakajima 41 l-rear
BRA Barrichello 64 r-front? hit someone else

Not sure how complete that data might be.
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