Poll Poll - Who will take pole postition at Silverstone?

Who will take pole for the British GP on Saturday?

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Okay since str8guy seems to be on holiday, I thought I'd take over his pollster duties for the day and ask which driver do you think will take pole position on Saturday?
Re: Poll- Who will take pole postition at Silverstone

I have a feeling they may (slightly) short fuel Hamilton so he can take pole at his home GP.

Otherwise if they fuel him normally then I suspect Massa may take it.
Re: Poll- Who will take pole postition at Silverstone

I have a feeling you are right about the short fuel thing.

Lewis, for his own confidence needs to get pole at his home race ... but I wouldn't discount Massa to rain on his parade.
Re: Poll- Who will take pole postition at Silverstone

Hmmm... I dunno Im not going to vate as of yet, but iagree with the Previous comments about Lewis Hamilton and all that, but at the moment the Ferrari's are very strong, They have the best Car this year and you have to presume that Mclaren will do what they think is best for the Race, pehaps short fuel to ahgead of the Ferraris, so try and put a spoiler in the Race so it depends on tatics. They wont do it just to please the british public/sponsers. Also an outsider i think maybe the BMW's they looked in Canada and this track perhaps will suit them more then France, If they do somethink different on stratergy, or McLaren and Ferrari, dont go as well as expected or run into trouble, BMW have han ouside chance.
Re: Poll- Who will take pole postition at Silverstone

I have been doing some statistics on each of the drivers who have scored a pole position in the last 26 races.

Why 26? to be fair, I have included all the races since Lewis Hamilton arrived in F1 at the start of the season last year... they make for interesting reading:

Kimi Räikkönen5816060
Felipe Massa967544
Fernando Alonso24200100
Lewis Hamilton867562.5
Robert Kubica111000
[td]Driver[/td][td]Poles[/td][td]Wins[/td][td]Win %[/td][td]Pole To Win %[/td]

Most wins: Raikkonen
Most Poles: Massa
Overall win ratio: Alonso
Poll to win ratio: Alonso

So, I hope there may be somebody good at maths amongst us, but based on this small sample size, I reckon that if Hamilton gets pole position on Saturday he stands the best chance of converting that pole to a race victory compared to Massa and Raikkonen, whereas if he fails to secure pole position, the previous statistics suggest that Raikkonen could win.

I know lies, lies and damned statistics but interesting or what?
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I've stuck it in a table for you Salti.
Feel free to copy and paste the code (click quote and you'll see the code) to your own post and I'll delete this one.
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Hi Everyone

I'm new here. You may not have seen me on 606 F1 board, as I never posted there(!) just a long time browser. I was an occasional Bristol City board poster, although please don't hold that against me! As far as F1 goes, I have no actual preference for any one driver, but I am an avid McLaren fan.

Anyway, as far as the vote goes, I have voted for Massa. Kimi may seem to have him in his pocket when it comes to the actual race, but Massa's qualifying is definately better. Although, I suppose Hammy might be short filled to pip them both, wouldn't that compromise his race..? Massa it is then, but I'm not putting any money on it!
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Hey welcome to the board McZiderRed

Some of us can usually be found on chat on an evening.. (see link on toolbar above right). It's great for some instant talk. You will be made most welcome 8)
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Thanks brogan. I've posted a hello message on the hello thread. :)

I will try to pluck up courage to visit chat, saltirelass. Hopefully I won't be out of my depth here, with my out of date motorsport knowledge, if you can call what I have as knowledge! :o
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hey MZR, would woudn't worry about how much you know, as long as your a genuine motorsport fan and not a WUm, i think i can say for all of us(well me atlest lol), we arnt bothered by how much you know
Re: Poll- Who will take pole postition at Silverstone?

I got to say that this race has Kimi written all over it... He's coming from a race that he should have dominated but got mugged by Massa, plus its at Silverstone...

I'd like to think McMerc would be cleverer than they were when they appeased fans/sponsors by jumping Hamilton to pole by low fuel last year... (didn't work out!)
I am hoping Hamilton will get it personally as this will make the race more exciting due to the Ferraris having a better race pace on this type of track.

The BMWs just aren't fast enough, so doubt the RK will be on pole, he will be either 4th or 5th depending on Heikki.

Need to keep the season close, so hopefully no red domination.
Qualifying Result

1. Kovalainen
2. Webber
3. Räikkönen
4. Hamilton
5. Heidfeld
6. Alonso
7. Piquet
8. Vettel
9. Massa
10. Kubica

Well done Kovalainen and Webber. Where were the Ferraris? Massa down in ninth! :o
Hamilton is not badly placed in 4th, but I bet he's disappointed.

Unlucky DC :( , lets hope for a better in tomorrows race..
lol Seems nobody predicted that result. Well done to Heikki and to Mark .. wow that was impressive
An interesting grid for tomorrow that's for sure.

Congrat's to Heikki and Mark.

I've started a thread about the main GP here.
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