BTCC Plato proves to be a big hit at Snetterton


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I actually managed to catch this weekends BTCC race repeated in the wee small hours on ITV1 last night.

Three fantastic races on a tight track with plenty of overtaking and plenty of action all round.

As for the title of this thread, the racing brought to mind the scene from Days of Thunder when Tom Cruise is told by his race engineer to go out and hit the pace car and when he enquires as to why, he is told that he has hit every other car on the track and he should go out and try for a perfect score.


Plato has never been shy when it comes to overtakes and putting his car about the track but he hit almost every car he tried to pass.

Great stuff though.

On the flip side, If any of you saw race one, I can't remember the drivers name but he was in the Vectra and sitting in third place, he was weaving all over the track in a bid to not be passed. Apparently the change of line more than once rule exists in BTCC but it wasn't being enforced here. Just reminded me of when you used to see it in F1 as well. It really does look dangerous if you haven't seen a car do it for a while.

Again, great racing though.
cider_and_toast said:
I actually managed to catch this weekends BTCC race repeated in the wee small hours on ITV1 last night.
So not only did Sky not record the program on Sunday I also missed the repeat. :givemestrength:
Sorry Bro, I didn't know it was on myself, until I put the TV on in the bedroom late last night and I caught the start of the first race.

I've looked on the schedule for ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 tonight and it's not on.

Channel 4 are showing the world superbikes at 0400, The British GT championship from Donnington at 05.10 and the FIA GT Championship from Spa at 05.35.
No worries c_a_t.

I should have realised that everything is repeated these days so I've only got myself to blame.

I'll double check the Sky planner before the next program.
Wahey! :thumbsup:

Cheers frog :)

I looked on the ITV site yesterday but only checked the online TV section.
It never occurred to me to try the dedicated BTCC page.
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