Technical Pirelli (rear) tyre failures

Sounds to me like they had run the tyres for too long, and Pirelli had given poor advice to the teams about the tyres being good for 40 laps.

Pirelli could be heading towards a big bill for two wrecked chassis!
Does that mean that the sidewall was over stressed due to flexing, possibly the recommended pressure is too low. There have been many instances where Pirelli has stated minimum pressures they considered that some teams were running the tyres a too lowv pressures, low pressure means a more flexible side wall and a greater surface are of tyre on the track, Red Bull's car gains on cornering but usually slower on the straight. Possibly increasing the pressure will seriously affect the car's cornering capability and therefore its advantage
ill agree that when F1 teams claim they are working within the rules doesnt necessarily mean they are working legal, because as we know double diffuser, F duct, the oil burning, tracing point, DAS were all working with rules at the time they were raced.

from what i understand is Pirelli set tyre pressures & they had stuck to them. now i assume pirelli have underestimated the tyre forces. & im struggling for sympathy because this is their 10th season. they should be more experienced than they are & i cant forget the downforce cut for 2021 was because pirelli asked for it to stop this

but silverstone is going to be fascinating
I understand that Pirelli state the minimum pressure at either a known temperature or at blanket temperature and the FIA endorses that pressure and condition as a regulation under safety rules for that race. Whether the blankets have a known maximum temperature when the pressure is checked is maybe where team interpretations are used to fit the rules and the cars optimum performance.
There is a maximum blanket temperature as, unsurprisingly, when rules were bought in previously on tyre pressures the teams just turned up the heat in the blankets on the grid when the FIA engineers came to test the pressure, and then turned them down again after they had left. But the teams were following the letter of the law.
fascinating interview with verstappen in pen yesterday, that SkyF1 broadcast where he said that red bull gave pirelli all the telemetry they had from Baku. so in max words in response to they dont have all the infomation "they saw it"
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