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With rumours of Sebastain Vettel to Ferrari in 2014 and Fernando Alonso contracted to the team until 2016. Where will Ferrari academy driver Sergio Perez go?

If Ferrari isn't an option then would Ferrari allow such a talented and much wanted driver sign for a rival where he'd likely win a title?

Because you can bet your bottom dollar on that Sergio Perez wouldn't want to wait until 2016 to see if Alonso retires and won't want to be still at Sauber.

Mclaren - I can't see Ferrari allowing him to go there due to the fact that they's history between the two teams and much of Ferrari's top men would loathe it if Perez won a title with their British rivals.

Mercedes - Could Ross Brawn work his magic and persuade Ferrari to let Perez join them? Plus could they actually promise Perez a title winning car? I highly doubt that Perez would join the German team due to the Ferrari link.

Red Bull - Red Bull could be an option. Should Ferrari land Sebastain Vettel they might use Perez as bate to make sure they get the dream team line up. But then should Perez win a title with Red Bull, would Ferrari demand a buy back clause to get the number 1 on their car? I can't see Red Bull allowing that!

So is Perez a victim of his own success? And coming through a driver academy?

Over to you guys!
It's most likely that he'll join Ferrari due to his connection to the driver academy and racing for Sauber. I think di Montezemolo had to eat some humble pie regarding his comments on Perez not having enough experience, especially seeing as Perez overtook Alonso for a podium position.

After Ferrari McLaren seem the next most likely option if Hamilton leaves, however I'm sure they are also really interested in di Resta due to him being another 'up and coming' and he's British which makes him more marketable. Not to mention much of the money that Perez brings to Sauber is because of all the Telmex, Cuervo and Mexico logos on the car, would he be able to bring this to McLaren if they have Lucozade and Vodafone taking up all the prime slots on the car?
Perez will find a seat somewhere, and I'm sure he'd leave Ferrari's clutches to do so. SeƱor Slim might find some attractive real estate on the side of, say, a Lotus.
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