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2014 Spanish Grand Prix Out of Ten

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It was a slow burner but kept my attention and great finish, oh shit EJ is doing the interviews -1. 7 from me.
From Chat: 'If anyone calls this race a slow-burner I will personally set fire to them and see how long it takes for them to combust'.
I enjoyed the race from the start, with the Bottas, Ricciardo battle in the first stint, along with the battle in the Ferrari team and both the FI drivers challenging each other.

Then we had the split strategy of the Merc team, I really would have liked more fuel info during that period.

And during the last stint obviously the Merc boys with Rosberg chasing down Hamilton; then Alonso finally getting by Raikkonen also Vettel had a good drive through the field to get a decent result from 15th.

Also helps I am a bit of a Hamilton Fan, although I have always supported all the British Drivers (Yes even Chilton :D )
I thought this was going to be awful but it slowly got better until I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

Awesone drive from Seb today and some cracking overtakes.

Can't help but feel if it had been Lewis catching Nico today we'd have had a pass for the lead.

A pretty good 8 from me.

(By the way Malaysia is going to end up with a higher rating than this one and its going to annoy me)
This and Bahrain were two races where I was stood up in front of the TV and tapping my leg like Christian Horner whilst shouting and clapping my hands and biting my fist at points. I gave it a 7 because the field was so spread but for the championship battle and the best of the rest, this was a great race.
A 7 from me, quite a few battles throughout and some nice overtakes from Vettel in particular. Might have been an 8 if I'd watched it live.
I gave it a 5 the the best part of the race was Seb's drive I couldn't fault it he was driver of the day by miles, Maldonado lived down to all our expectation and had another collision, how long before he gets a race ban? It was plain obvious that Rosberg was never going to pass Hamilton and Hamilton should have a word with himself about the way he talks to his race engineer he seems to have a serious attitude problem in that respect...
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