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2014 Italian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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A peculiar race - no real outstanding racing, but I was hooked nevertheless. Hopefully Gutierrez gets a penalty for that idiotic piece of driving, the stewards should penalise themselves for that atrocious Magnussen penalty and kudos for Kvyat for not having an accident with that failure - I'll buy him a new pair of pants.
So overall, a 7.
What mjo said.

It was certainly brown trousser time for Kvyat at the end.

The race was heading for a low mark from me but the Perez/Button and KMag/Bottas fights pumped it up although one was ruined by the Stewards deciding we'd not heard that much from them this weekend and they needed to get some attention.

Expecting it to be crap, it wasn't crap but it wasn't great so a 7, mainly for the battles down the field.
If Merc were 1/2, in what ever order, there was never going to be any racing at the front. The 'other' stuff was brilliant though.

I would suggest that team orders/chats may have killed the excitement which we had before.

Am amazed at Massa though!
Really enjoyed that - 8.

Lost points as no(ish) battle for lead and KMags penalty.

Other than that some superb driving, overtakes and racing today.
Massa likes to prove a point every so often! Shame he isn't consistent and extraordinary that management (of any team) doesn't see this
was not a super thriller, but gave it an eight because the few stunning overtakes Ricciardo did perform. Also Hamilton winning upped the result.
Minus one for DRS and a couple more for leaving me with a "meh" feeling. So a 7 over all. Can't help wondering if Bottas hadn't muffed his start (I believe due to being caught out by Hamilton muffing his) how much more interesting it could have been.
8. Much more entertaining than I thought it was ever going to be mainly due the fact that Bottas and Ricciardo did quite a lot of the overtaking today.
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