Poll 2018 Australian Grand Prix Out Of Ten

2018 Australian Grand Prix Out Of Ten

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2018 Australian Grand Prix Out Of Ten

I've very generously given it a 2. Some may say there was at battle a the front. No, not really anyone with any experience knew that it would be impossible for Hamilton to overtake Vettel.
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I've gone for a 2.

It wasn't the poorest race in the history of F1 and I suspect it won't even be the poorest race this season so issuing a 1 now would seem harsh.

Barely any redeeming features from the race.

The worrying thing is, Croft and Brundle genuinely seemed to think that was a good race. They've started to believe their own nonsense.
I gave it a 4 might be because 1st race. But if that the standard as i said on race thread, im Worried for 2018 theses races arent the circuit problem its the car because like Monaco drivers could get close but then struggled once they tried to overtake & what hope does anyone have when Bottas in fastest car found it really difficult to overtake force india which is the 7th fastest.

we need to get a short term fix sorted for realistically 2019 but hopefully asap, because we cant wait 2021 & have near 3 yrs of cars struggling to overtake in the dirty air
6 from me. Just because it was the first race. It will probably be the last time I give so generously.
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Well we have joked before that we are more critical. But i respect everyone opinion, everyone sees races different. if people on that site are giving that 7 or above i dont where you go, when we actually have an exciting race
Possibly a lot of Ferrari fans, and Lewis haters perhaps, and maybe some of us are let's say somewhat jaded by the predictability of it all. If you simply love seeing F1 cars on track then the first race of the season is gonna be a buzz whatever happens.
I keep coming back to FB's F1 Zombies post from a while back.

Apart from cancelling my Autosport subscription and swearing I wouldn't watch any more of this shite, I'm still here.

Last year I watched fewer GP's than at any point since I started watching in the mid 80's.
cider_and_toast for me I will still watch f1, because Its something ive always done & cant see myself stopping out of some weird loyalty, same with utd even in dark days of weir & adkins I was still there every week. even if I'm getting the problem where I cant defend the sport because what is there to positive about when I know 2 sec lead might as well be 20 as they can challenge about as well

but I guess its my positivity that eventually F1 will finally see answer that's under their noses. we been talking about for months as worrying according to timehop we were discussing after last years Australian gp. for me if they can develop a halo for next season surely we can get ground effect or get rules to clean up these cars. or something else that moves aero dependence moves from the wings & I know how great F1 can be


although I do keep trying to be positive not sure how I feel about this, Ross Brawn understands the problem, Liberty & FIA have been analysing to sort out the problem. but appartantly we are stuck with this type of racing until nov 2020. I'm not sure how ill get to nov 2018

edit - that post wasn't be so long, but it seem be on a roll/rant :(
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