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2014 Australian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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The first few laps reminded me quickly why i don't like unreliability.

Gave this race a 6, could have been better if some guys didn't fell out and others didn't had technical issues.


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The event was fascinating and if I were to score for the whole weekend it would be pretty high. The race though was enjoyable but not Earth-shatteringly exciting so for me it was a '6'. I think there are going to be some real humdingers this year so the latitude to award higher scores is called for, methinks.

Road of Bones

MTC Mole
Neither great nor grim, so I gave it a 5- hope for better races to come though.

Thoroughly enjoyed Bottas' efforts, but he seemed to be only one overtaking on-track. Kvyat needs to grow a beard or something, as he just looks plain wierd. I was Jack's Total Lack of Surprise when Kobayashi took someone out at turn 1, and McLaren were clearly right to replace Perez with KMag, and they've also got their strategic mojo back, judging from the calls to pit JB and move him up the order.
As for Horner's hubris, I feel that not only do they not have a leg to stand on, I suspect that the buttocks are rather thin in the "keeping your 'nads off the floor" stakes too. Good- take them down a whole peg...

Road of Bones

MTC Mole
Kobayashi crash was due to a brake failure Road of Bones.
And Horner do has a point, in this million dollar business delivering faulty sensors is quite outrages.

Yes, so I read - I was still totally unsurprised when the crash happened though (never been in the "Koba is Ace" camp, frankly).

As for the FIA sensors being not fit for purpose (apparently), where I think Horner will come unstuck is in the ignoring of Whiting's repeated warnings over excessive fuel consumption during the race. When other teams with the same sensor issues tuned their flow down to compensate for potential reading spikes, I feel that Red Bull are hiking on very thin ice by deciding that they could unilaterally decide to follow their own readings instead.

Bill Boddy

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The instructions given by the FIA to Red Bull re the flow rate sensor problem were clear, the team disregarded them and so does not have a leg to stand on.

From Australian Grand Prix 2014 Document - 56.pdf :

"A) The team chose to run the car using their fuel flow model, without
direction from the FIA. This is a violation of the procedure within TD/ 01614.
B) That although the sensor showed a difference in readings between runs
in P1, it remains the homologated and required sensor against which the team is
obliged to measure their fuel flow, unless given permission by the FIA to do
C) The Stewards were satisfied by the explanation of the technical
representative that by making an adjustment as instructed, the team could have
run within the allowable fuel flow.
D) That regardless of the team’s assertion that the sensor was fault, it is not
within their discretion to run a different fuel flow measurement method without the
permission of the FIA"

In my opinion RBR were trying it on, they are used to pushing the regulations to the limit and have grown used to being able to persuade the FIA into making decisions in their favour regardless of whether they are legal or not.


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Gave the race an 8 mainly because of the novelty of the new regs. I'm not a fan of the strict fuel restrictions but otherwise I like the fact that the new cars seem to have made it more about the drivers again. That being said, unless somebody steps up quickly, it does look like Mercedes may run away and hide this year.


I really cannot stand it when officials disqualify a driver after a race. If there was an infraction of the rules, black fag the car! To allow a driver to continue to put his life at risk, and then deem his effort meaningless is intolerable!

Many dozens of cars have been disqualified after a GP. And this one wont have been the last. The FIA was actually being quite lenient with RBR by giving them ample opportunity to comply with the regulations during the Grand Prix.

I gave this race a 7, as I enjoyed the result, but it was clearly just a sampling of what we may have in store for us this year. Lewis' second terminal failure within minutes of a sessions start was pretty shitty though.


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A 7 .... 6 for the race 1 for it being the first race ... some good tussles ...

Can't wait to see Massa and Bottas duking it out up the front


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Very little racing from positions. The only interesting thing was the Hulkenberg train and Bottas' mistake and recovery. Magnussen ran out of fuel to attack when it almost got exciting for second place in the end, so bit of an anti climax there also.

But it was nice to see some mistakes and Rosberg winning. New rules also make things a bit more interesting, at least in the beginning. But not every race can be a classic and this certainly wasn't one. Gave it a 6.

Gamal Liranzo

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Just to be fair as possible, I think the race was 7 out of 10. I mean the first half of the race was great, a lot of fun in the middle field and watching Bottas doin´ work was amazing. From that point on the race was boring.


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First race of the season should always get a bench-mark of, this time, IMO a 7.
Then, all others are marked against that - with the likelyhood that more will be worse than better.
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