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2014 Australian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Well.... first race of the new era, what did everyone think? Personally, I thought mid-race everyone was a tad cautious, but there were some great battles. Although half the time we didn't know what anyone was doing.
I'm going to give this a cautious 6 as I don't think we can draw any conclusions about who was fast or slow (apart from the Mercs) and there are too many races left which could be far more exciting.
If that race was last year 2013 it would of scored very high. The first 20 laps were a blur. The mid race a bit slow. Decent chasing down towards the end. But no battle for the lead.

That said I loved it so I am going for an 8.
Very nice race and it assured us that the future of F1 is in safe hands - great performances from the youngsters Magnussen, Bottas, Ricciardo, Kvyat. Terrible shame for Hamilton though as I think he came into Melbourne with one hand already on the trophy. Enjoyable race, looking forward to what the rest of 2014 brings!
I enjoyed it but not getting to carried away as the enjoyment was more because we've had no F1 for so long.

No fight for the lead which is what people were complaining about last year and a far more spread out field so watching peoples ratings on here with interest.

7 from me.
If this race had come near the end of the season I doubt I'd be giving it more than a 5 as there wasn't a battle for the lead nor through the field after the start (apart from Bottas). However, there was a lot of interest with the new regulations that kept me enthralled throughout. It's going to be very interesting to see how the season develops, especially with Renault already seeming pretty much on the pace already. 7 from me.
Interesting - now there's a novelty. The season will be dominated by the team/driver who gets used to the new regime in the quickest time.

A 7 from me!
It would have been much better had:

Hamilton not had the first race problem of the season.
The brakes not failed on the Caterham.
Hulkenberg been able to keep up with the leaders or not had so much speed in a straight line.
The F1.com timing screens been working, did you realise that both Button and Chilton had their fastest laps on the final one, in Chilton's case it was his fastest in all three sectors. I am assuming this on the evidence of green dots.
Had the TV coverage not been crap. Too much time spent on showing Aussies who patently were there to be seen on TV rather than watch the race. Why were they so reluctant to show the timing of anyone below eighth and where did the ticker-tape go.
Had drivers not been scare of exceeding the fuel limit.
7. Interesting stuff, really good performances from KMag and Ricciardo. Not impressed, by the way, that the result is still in doubt.

Mad early stuff, and the sense of a struggle for drivers to get the cars pointing in the correct direction! Lovely!
Was going to score it high due to the excitement of the new regs and the unknown, but ultimately it wasn't particularly interesting so I'll give it 7.
Gone for 8

Less for the race than what it showed us, cars that need to be driven, a mix up in expectation, and Williams in the mix.

Many other highs and low, but essentially a score for the promise it showed
Six from me. Not bad, and I can make allowances for the drivers and teams being cautious, but with Lewis, vetted, massa out early on, the scope for more of a battle was a little dampened for me.
I went for a 6, and it only rated that much because of the William's resurgence. I really cannot stand it when officials disqualify a driver after a race. If there was an infraction of the rules, black flag the car! To allow a driver to continue to put his life at risk, and then deem his effort meaningless is intolerable!
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I have given it a solid seven out of ten. The racing hasn't changed compared to last year, still a lot of fights going on in midfield and one car leaving everyone else behind.
10 from me purely for the Safety car and the fact that Mclaren were back on the podium with the new kid on the block Magnussen who drove beautifully even if for like a second at the start he almost gave me a mini heartattack.

Also can't remember the last Aussie GP I got up early for an enjoyed it so much. Dad and Mum told me to shut the eff up cause I was screaming at the Tele with excitement at seven in the morning :).
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