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2013 Japanese Grand Prix Out of Ten

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I rather enjoyed that. It is nice to see the Redbulls having to race rather than drive off into the distance. But looses 1 point for yet another SV win and looses a point for The Mercs having a shocker. The constructors battle with Ferrari is now much harder for them.

Roman my driver of the day, no mistakes and keeping a much faster Mark at bay for 5 laps on hard tyres that were almost 20 laps older. He has cut out the errors this year and is starting to look like a world champion if given the right car.

Nice to see both Saubers up there.
Perez lapped, and he stuffed the car in FP2, not his best weekend to say the least..

So an 8 I think.
Maybe it's because I was half awake watching it but for me, although there was some strategic intrigue, that race was extremely frustrating and dull. There was very little overtaking that wasn't DRS aided and worst of all is the dreaded "maintain a 2 second gap to the car in front" messages. It's just bollocks, I hate that the tyres mean the drivers can't race hard and comments from Martin Brundle suggest the drivers hate it more than they are letting/allowed to let on as well. Not to mention that in the end Vettel and Red Bull stole the show again.

I'll give it a 4, and basically all of those points are because it's nice to see Grosjean doing well. Seems like I'm a grumpy bastard compared to everyone else for a change this week.
5 from me. Some reasonably interesting overtakes and nice to see Winfinger out of position for a change. Lost my favourite driver early on, and what happened to Grosjean - did they just screw his strategy up or was the Lotus really that much harder on tyres? Predictable finish though. Great racetrack and clearly challenging for the drivers, but not a classic race by any means.
rufus_mcdufus Grosjean used up too many sets in qualifying and had to run a scrubbed set on his second stint which is why Seb got to go longer.

That one kept me glued to the screen the entire time so it gets a big fat 8 from me. Great to see someome pushing the Red Bulls so pat on the head from Grosjean and nice to see Webber in the mix.

Not sure why people are saying their was a lack if action. Vettal on Grosjean. Webber on Grosjean. Alonso on Hulkenberg. Kimi on Hulkenberg. Guttierrez and Rosberg. Guttierrez and Massa. The whole Ricciardo train.

Lots going off.
I'm trying to put Lewis' misfortunes out of my head and be objective. It was boring. Webber bundled out of the way for Vettel https://twitter.com/andrewbensonf1/status/389313601472720896
And not much else happening really. Good drive from Grosjean, I'm glad he's doing well.Perez always seems to have an unfortunate incident, not always of his own making, that puts him behind Button, and so it was today. Hulk good again. Webber / Gross the best bit. Just boring. Thing is that track has the potential for a great race, but it wasn't. I dunno 5 I guess.
Yawn with the 'Webber moved out the way' theroies.

Haters gonna hate I guess.

The fact that Webbers car was set up with the wing as it was shows they had 3 stop in mind from the get go because Webber is harder on his tyres. That inline with Webbers podium interview just makes all that look like very sour grapes from the boo boys.

As for 'nothing going on'. Hmmmm.
I enjoyed it, quite a compelling race, certainly between the top 3, then further down. I give it an 8, as there was something going on almost everywhere.
A particularly good race, incident packed and Red Bull were made to work for their well deserved one/two. Grosjean did a fabulous job at the front and there was loads to keep me amused in the midfield while I waited for the MotoGP. :D

Se Ven!
Not strictly true...
I actually gave it 9! :facepalm:
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Thought it the best race so far this season. Grosjean has really improved of late and no longer seems to make stupid mistakes. Numerous battles throughout the field, and the broadcast crew did a good job of showing them.

Williams is just pathetic. They obviously flattered to deceive in qualifying, as they did nothing but slide backward in the race. Truly depressing:(
Hate the stupid tyres. Hate stupid DRS. Very disappointed with the result.

Like Sushi spending the majority of the race hearing the leaders told to save tyres I think is appalling and they seem to puncture a little too easily for my liking.

However... we saw some great racing and strategies today with some superb individual performances, even Ricciardo demonstrated he can defend!

Grosjean, my hasn't he grown up!

I know it's part of the sport but too much of the win was based on strategy rather than racing. Well done Seb for doing what he's told for once. Got more of the Alonso's about him than I gave him credit for.

Wish I'd seen Hamilton in the mix, but he could have had a dull race for all we know if he'd not had a problem.

Strange how there seem to be two camps in the ratings so far and not a single 7! The race had promise particularly in the first half with Grosjean looking like he could win it but ultimately it just didn't do it for me. I still feel it was about average. There was great pass by Kimi towards the end - can't remember who that was on.

[edit] Hah, thanks for the 7 Hamberg!
It wasn't bad, fight for the lead, but the result was known once Grosjean pitted.

Think Lotus should have went for a three stopper instead, why they haven't figured out the concept of 'undercutting' is beyond me, it shouldn't be a problem if the tyres last longer, you are going to lose more time by staying out on one or two laps when your competitors around you pit early and are on fresher tyres.

The midfield was lacking a little, the majority apart from the top 3 and Sauber drivers seemed to be quite lacklustre today.

Didn't see many overtakes, although Hulkenberg on I think Ricciardo at 130R was good, along with Raikkonen on the outside of Hulkenberg.

I'll give it a 7.
I gave it my maximum for a race where it is obvious the tyres are competing rather than cars and drivers - 4

sushifiesta got my feelings about the race to a tee! Both Red Bull drivers told to keep the 2 second gap for tyre reasons, so another hamstrung race especially as there were probably another ten teams out there not being so obvious with the messaging...
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