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2012 European Grand Prix out of ten

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10 from me. Safety car, interesting strategies, amazing overtakes, dramatic failures, clumsy collisions, and of course low expectations.


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Since I'm a bit lazy, I've just kind of copied and pasted some of my post from the European GP discussion thread.

WOOW!!! What a race! :shocked: Didn't think I would be able to stay up for this race as I was very tired from work, but I managed it!

What didn't the race have?! It had overtaking, incidents, crashes, different strategies, cars dropping out, even cars dropping out from the lead! Reminded me of the late 90s! :D

It's about time Valencia delivered! With these rules, are we now regretting it alternating with Catalunya, rather than Catalunya getting dropped altogether? Hm...better not get ahead of myself.

I'll give it a 9, best race of the season for me, reminded me of the F1 of old! The only thing missing was a new winner :D
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