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2012 European Grand Prix out of ten

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5 from me - more than I was expection to score, but what entertainment there was was the result of failure, mistakes and the restrictions of the circuit and rule book.

Better is good, the race was not - still, delighted to see Schumi getting on the podium again, disgusted to see Maldonado demonstrating once again that his outlook and driving style is representative of a different formula of racing.
An 8........ I was enjoying it until Macca botched LH pitstop & next to last lap, Maldonutted LH out of the race.
Three Ferrari drivers/ex on podium, Michael:D was so chuffed, Kimi as always...great bloke, & fantastic drive from Fernando he has really made the most of Mclarens mistakes..... again ,& what a gain leading the WDC...
Quote of the day for me...post race from Kimi
He was asked "Could you have won this race?"..he replied "Well we didn't, so there is no point in discussing it"...:rolleyes:
9-Would have been higher and i was loving how everyone was racing at every possible corner and how everyone in front of Hamilton was dropping out, moving him up but when he got 'Maldonutted' i realised how crap everyone feels after doing so well. Vettels super frustration that his 22 second lead and then his whole lead went, Grosjeans brilliant 2nd gone, Hamiltons 3rd or 4th gone.
I went with 9 for entertainment value, but it's worth remembering that a lot of the excitement in the race was the product of failures. Near the half way point, Brundle remarked that Vettel's commanding lead was very 2011-esque. Were it not for 2 mechanical failures and a safety car period, I suspect the race would have been much less exciting. Then of course there were the 3 or 4 racing incidents/crashes which gave us plenty to talk about.
Is it safe to say we like unpredictability? Imagine if Lewis' tyres had gone off 5 laps earlier and Kimi had been chasing Alonso down to the line.

If ifs and buts....
Solid 8/10

Never thought a track like Valencia could have produced a race like this... tip of the hat to the weather and Pirelli...
7 for me, it exceeded expectation.
Some good overtaking, some very bad attempts at overtaking, a couple of mechanical retirements & the local boy coming through to win & celebrating with the crowds.
If Valencia is noted for being a boring race it bodes well for the rest of the season.
I for one am loving the unpredictability - perhaps we'll see different winners in double figures by the end...Kimi at Spa anyone??!
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