Poll Out of ten - 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix

2012 Bahrain Grand Prix out of ten

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That wasn't bad, was it? Please vote purely in the entertainment of the race, not the result.
Good midfield battles but not nearly enough at the front. I've gone for 7 which for Bahrain may as well be a 25.
Gone with an 8.

Reason been it lived more up to my expections than I thought it was. Good victory for Seb even though it kills to see that finger again. Thought Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean were a pure joy too watch and Kimi in particular. Good race from Paul Di Resta aswell doing a two stopper when it looked like a three stopper race, but he held on to sixth superbly. Gutted for Lewis and Jens but this was just a fascinating race all round and like last weekend i simply couldn't take my eyes off the television.
Hmm, I don’t know what to vote, I enjoyed it quite a lot yeah, but at one point I remember thinking and feeling is was a long race.
Not sure what I was watching, whether i should have been watching and whether what I was watching was what F1 is all about. All that technology and driver skill being subserviant to tyres and DRS. It was as enthralling as the GP2 races. Therein lies the rub, it should have been way more interesting. Salvaged a bit by the great performance of the Lotus team. Therefore a 6.
Easily the best race we've seen there but let's face it that wouldn't have been hard. Still I enjoyed it and it just shows the benefit the changes made to improve overtaking have made. 8/10 for me.
6 for me, potential but nothing really ever brewed up, faded away in the second half apart from the brief attack on Vettel by Raikkonen and Di Resta's exploits
Started of great, they were battles all round, there were retirements, dodgy driving, and unlike China, people were passing each other without the tyres "falling off the cliff"

Got a bit dull towards the end, the battle for the front needed more action, not just one cautious overtaking attempt,

So I'll give it an 8.
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