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Given the importance of weight distribution in F1 nowadays I thought it might be useful to know the height and weight of the drivers. The only figures I could find were for the 2010 grid, I'll try and update it when the 2011 figures worm their way onto the web.

Great stats FB, thanks.

Two things struck me immediately:

1. In a sport where height is often quoted as a disadvantage (remember Justin Wilson?) it's interesting that nearly a third of the grid are 6'0" or over.
2. 5'10" and 10st 8?! :o Am I jealous or what? I'd kill just to get down to 14st!
Built for comfort not speed? I'm 6'3 and built like a beanpole and I'm around 12 stone so I'm not surprised Webber is known as 'Skeletor'
Maybe this is where all Vettel's extra time is coming from. :p I'm also surprised by so many in the grid being over 6ft. I was thinking the other day how tall Webber and Button look considering weight is such an important factor in F1.
It does seem like it is quite an important issue for teams. Lewis mentioned that he had lost weight during the winter saying that his team can't complain anymore that he is too heavy.
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