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2016 has been a crazy year so much unbelievable things happening leicester, brexit, & donald trump to name but a few, but Nico rosberg retirement from F1 taken the biscuit. i cant remember the last time, i was so stunned at piece of news, because of world of social media, we always have a hint of something. but i had to pick my mouth up off the floor when i just stumbled upon it

this is what rosberg done to everyone right now (7.04 onwards)
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(The cycnic in me has a sneaking suspicion that Nico really didn't fancy the Hamilton comeback next year either...)

Fair play to him - he has all the money he will ever need, and now gets to spend the rest of his life enjoying it with his family, as an undefeated World Champion. Wonder how much that will stick in Lewis' throat?


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Mercedes DTM then. Still racing. Closer to home and a lot less pressure.

Mind you, how many front line teams are yet to finalise their line ups forand next year (in anythe series?)

I don't think Mercedes would be too chuffed to see their world champion in a WEC Porsche.


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Pfffffft quitter.

Nico Rosberg said:
Phew, I finally managed to squeeze over the line and earn my daddy's love.

It was, for sure, quite a hard decision to make but then I remembered that all the other boys in the class were actually a lot better than me and for sure I knew I'd never win another one, for sure, with the new rules next season when you actually have to "drive" the car. Screw that, I'm going to rest on my laurels and my cushion made out of money and piss about in sports cars until I get fat like Dad.

Oh yeah, something about my family, yeah, I guess I'll have to spend some time with them I guess.

*All firmly tongue in cheek! :D


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Fair play to Nico for doing this today, he's earned a lot of respect from me, leaving as the undefeated champion to spend time with his family.

Would imagine it'll annoy Lewis, frustrate Mercedes (less leverage for reprimanding Lewis), worry Red Bull & have all the F1 agents on the phone.


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Never in a million years did I think I'd have to remove the 'current' tag from this thread so soon.


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I did not see this coming, but I can understand why he does it. He has achieved his goal, has a little kid, and wants to be there.
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