Nico Rosberg


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I was about to go apeshit until I realised you meant Perez and not Gutierrez.

Galahad :thumbsup:

I too had high hopes. Bless him.


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That image ^^^ has been photoshopped so many times by now I think future historians in about 10,000 years' time after the human race has finished annihilating itself and a new species has taken over will hold th belief that Alonsoism was once the dominant religion amongs earthlings. They will note his image turns up everywhere and excavate for alonsoist relics...
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Now ive had time to digest this because as i said biggest shock of 2016 without a doubt. Because in the world of sky sources & social media to catch everyone by surprise is achievement in its self. More i think about it the more i think its family alot like the same reasons for jake humpfrey leaving bbc F1 & he wants to be their for his 2nd child instead of going around the world. Because what he said on podium now i come to think back when he said all that stops from now

button allueded to something when he won in 2009. 2 types of drivers. drivers that are happy with 1 world title & then theres vettels lewis Schumacher senna prost lauda that want multiple titles & bit like Olympians he probally woke up, thought do i have the motivation to go through all this next season, he obviously said no & so lets go out on top


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Just watched program about carl lewis & the end was fascinating considering what happened with rosberg as the showed footage from a 1997 he said " i didnt know what it would be like to retire 10 5 3 yrs ago, but when you complished everything in your sport you feel you can, its easy "


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I was listening to the 2016 5 live review, which was very good. I think i said it post race but its still kind of true over a month later but during the episode i felt very happy for rosberg, which i dont understand i know maybe because its a dream realised but i had a big dislike at times for him because at times he would portray this mr nice guy persona but mask slipped many times over the 3 yrs & was as ruthless as anyone. Yet battle/season over im happy for him & wife doesn't make sense
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