New Ferrari F10 launched

Some images for those who haven't seen it.

Click for biggies.


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I'm sure somone once said impersonation is the highest form of flattery. Adrian Newey must be flattered to death by this car.

Let's hope it goes as well as the Red Bull and not the Torro Rosso (at least in Massa's hands :wink:)
It actually looks really quick! :o Like the Red Bull looked quick without it having to turn a wheel. I bet Fernando likes it a lot, last years Renault didn't just drive slow it looked even slower. Felipe must also feel encouraged, the car looks like a race winner. :D

Edit: Ahh ha! It is the Red Bullishness I subconsciously picked up on then.
I always find the launch season a massive dissapointment. Every year I wait for the first pictures to come out and every year they still look pig ugly and pretty much the same as the did last year.

I'd love to see just one team come out with a car that looks massively different, a great aerodynamic leap in to the unknown however, those days are long gone.

Thankfully when the testing starts the real interest begins because we get some idea of times. Remember how Brawn threw everyone off last season with their pace from the get go. Bring on the 1st test.

(of course I am slightly looking forward to the launch of one car this year ;) ) ... /view.html

This is an interesting but un-confirmed rumour.

I've had a look at Times on line and couldn't find the article they a refering to and and I've been on the Gazzetta del sport website (Italian Sports newspaper) and they don't refer to it either but it's interesting speculation all the same.

I have a feeling it could be some one making mischief.
Perhaps the twin seater will be quicker?

Britain's Times newspaper referred to rumours "sweeping the Italian media" about the early performance estimates for the new single seater.

I smell a rat...
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