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Hey friends! When the virus hit here in the States, my sister and I started watching the F1 series on Netflix and I got hooked. While I've enjoyed the races so far, it's getting a little old knowing that the field is pretty much racing for p4 and you already know who the top three will be. I know there is disparity in all forms of motor racing, but this is just about ridiculous. I'm going to watch tomorrow but if, like two weeks ago, Lewis drives away from everyone before the first lap is complete, and at the end of the race, only the top three cars are on the lead lap, I may have second thoughts about continuing on. I know I am a rookie to the sport, but dang, something is jacked up. From what I've read, I'm not the only one with these thoughts. Will a money cap even things up? Will Ferrari ever come back? I'm pulling for Pierre Gasly. The kid seems to have a boatload of talent. I'd like to see Williams come back as well. My son lives in Los Angeles so he has to get up at 6 AM to watch the races (as he does when Arsenal is playing!) but we have had some fun. We hope to catch a race in person at some point in time. Take care!
great to hear. yeah we cant hide & say that F1 is going to be amazing because some of us on here, have been watch for 20yrs & yes this is a tough time. we have slated the sport some that is the rules some of that is bad timing (viewing wise) that all time great driver is in all time great car. but for me im positive, that good times can return as last season bar the 1st 8 races was some of the best racing we had seen for many years. but yes alot it hanging upon the new rules because they are badly needed. but stick with it

ferrari its a tough one because the engine is huge loss it could be almost 80/100hp loss from 12 months ago. & its quicker recovery to be behind on aero than engine. as williams are proving.

(as he does when Arsenal is playing!)
he will have enjoyed yesterdays community shield but hopefully for me twice a season its when arsenal are losing to sheffield united :D
Hey Brits90! Thanks for getting back with me. Wow! It was a fun one today. My boy Gasly drove the wheels off that thing! And I do like Lewis. I saw a clip on Youtube about he and his little brother, Nick. Very cool. Seems like a good dude.
Welcome Woodman, glad you enjoyed the race. You may pick up some negativity on here about the domination and of one team and one driver but just ignore us, it's just a bunch of grumpy old men who believe everything was better "back in the day" ;)
Woodman its the least i could do & great to have new fans

but i thought it was alright race. better than Spanish GP but thats notoriously worse of the season. you know what Gasly was impressive what a big difference 12 months makes. i think red bull were correct to demote gasly because getting lapped twice by your teammate is pretty damning. but i wouldnt be shocked if gasly was back as verstappen teammate in 2021. but if they got to do that 1st they got stick with him & also try to figure out why is that kyvat albon & gasly are fantastic huge talents in sister team. then end up under such pressure in senior team. & what cause 2nd seat at red bull to suck the talent. as only Riccardo (if you call him a "number 2") hasnt been steamrollered by there teammate
Woodman - have you watched the interview with Lewis Hamilton by David Letterman - also on Netflix? If not you should watch it. While it won't make the Hamilton/Mercedes domination any less predictable, it will give you a greater appreciation of the guy who is breaking all the records.

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