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As there doesn't seem to be a topic about NASCAR, I'll start one.

Why, you may ask?

Well, I'm thinking that to!

The only reason is that I come from Bristol.

Ace, your thinking. :no:

Well let me tell you that Mark Martin has secured pole in the second NASCAR race of the season, at.. wait for it... at BRISTOL!*

Here is the link >> <<

Not only that, as if that wasn't enough, there are a few ex-F1 drivers involved! :o

... I know! :o

And they are not first. AND the pole sitter is 50 years old! :dunno:

Oh wait, it's Scott Speed & Juan Pablo Montoya! :whistle:

Thanks for listening. :thankyou:

*The Bristol in question is in America. I live in the UK. You can split hairs if you like....

If I remember correctly from my VERY limited knowledge.... didn't Mr Mansell win the championship the first time he entered? 90's...ish?

Amdathlonuk said:
If I remember correctly from my VERY limited knowledge.... didn't Mr Mansell win the championship the first time he entered? 90's...ish?


I think that would be the Indycar series. Mansell did indeed win that on his first attempt. I believe he was in fact urged to race in NASCAR by the Americans but I don't think he did....
I've been watching a few of the National Series races on Motors TV which (at least the last two I've seen) have been on proper race tracks not ovals - Watkins Glen last week, mid-Ohio this. Pretty good racing, why do they insist on driving round in circles in the main NASCAR series?
Entertaining but soooo slow. It bugs me how slow they are (or at least seem to be) around those road courses compared to DTM or V8 Supercars. But ya I don't understand it either its so much better racing than the ovals. The short tracks used to be known as the bullrings because of the "rubbing is racing" attitude shown at these tracks (most notably Bristol) but recently people in the media have been saying the road courses are the new bullrings because the short tracks have been mellowed out by new cars and new pavement, while for some reason a no prisoners taken attitude has arisen on those 2 road races (and more for the Nationwide guys). Couple this with the fact that they have a proper track to race on and the action is 20 times better, and I feel like it would also be enjoyable for NASCAR's target audience: the common American redneck.
MAJOR contraversy after Saturday nights has led to one of the biggest penalties in NASCAR history to remove Truex from the chase with Newman taking the second wildcard spot, it's like Singapore 2008!
As I now have access to BT Sport, I have access to ESPN. Hopefully that means I can watch NASCAR races (as well as Indycar).

I just thought I'd share that knowledge with you... :ermmm:
Just seen the biggest NASCAR crash I've ever seen at the Daytona 400. Dale Jnr. won the race, Austin Dillon crashed. Three fans being treated from debris, engine torn out of the car. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!
The replays are terrifying. Austin Dillion went from close to 200mph to a standstill in no more than 30 feet. SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!
Make that 20 feet at the most. The drivers who saw it and have seen the replays can't believe what they've seen, the height the car reached, the impact with the safety fence, the destruction of the car, the drivers have all said the same thing, they've never seen anything like it and it takes a lot to shock a NASCAR driver.
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Many of them own, or have a majority shareholding, in multi million dollar corporations that run more than one team, including the team they choose to drive for to satisfy their own competitive urges. They also have a fan base an F1 driver can only dream about. They're doing ok to be honest, or not too bad for not being blessed with much common sense. ;)
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